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Why These Missing Streamer Posters Have The Internet's Attention

Cryptic posters have been spotted featuring the faces of pro gamers/streamers Hamlinz and Daequan, asking a question that their fans have been wondering for some time: "Have you seen these streamers?"

The posters were first widely shared on Aug. 23 by Esports Talk's Jake Lucky, who tweeted images of the fliers spotted in Los Angeles, urging people to "RT to spread the word." He followed up his first photo with another tweet of the same posters found in a different part of Los Angeles. While the posters strangely did not include the names of the pictured streamers, they did direct people to a YouTube channel called (appropriately enough) "Find the Streamers." A little less than a day after those images made their way onto the internet, Jake Lucky also tweeted a photo of a billboard featuring only pictures of Daequan and Hamlinz, along with the name of the aforementioned YouTube channel.

Visiting that YouTube channel, which remains empty save for a few thousand followers, has yet to shed any light on just what Daequan and Hamlinz might be up to (or if they're even directly involved with the mysterious channel), but it has stirred up interest among fans. Here's why these missing streamer posters have gotten the internet's attention.

Fans are wondering if Hamlinz and Daequan will return as YouTube exclusive streamers

Fans haven't heard from the two Twitch streamers in quite some time, as neither Hamlinz nor Daequan have been on a regular streaming schedule since 2019. Hamlinz took his first hiatus in 2018 when he shared on Twitter that health issues were keeping him from streaming for extended periods of time. Likewise, Daequan put out a statement on TwitLonger in 2019 explaining that family tragedy and mental health issues had prompted him to step back from streaming — a break that has continued to this day.

Despite the current lack of content, many fans have joined the channel and shared their excitement in the discussion section. One YouTube user said, "No way I can't wait for them to come back," while another wrote, "I hope this channel succeeds in getting these legends back."

Fans on Twitter had a few more questions. One user speculated that the fliers might in fact indicate a new home for the missing streamers, writing, "Pretty sure it's marketing for YouTube contracts since they're now ex-Twitch streamers." Another fan wondered if the posters might indicate that the two TSM members might be signing to another organization, writing "This is something 100 [Thieves] would do tbh."

It's hard to say what might be in the works, considering that neither Daequan nor Hamlinz's direct involvement has been confirmed, but fans of either gamer might want to keep their eyes on the new YouTube channel.