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The Real Reason xQc Wants To Raise Twitch Donation Prices

Fans of xQc might be displeased to learn that he is making plans to raise his Twitch donation prices. Some may view this as another decision to add to the growing list of shady xQc moments, but the reasoning behind this change might make a lot more sense than you realized.

During a recent stream, xQc was playing "Valorant" when he decided to share an idea he had that could combat a problem with his chat feed. Basically, he's considering raising the donation minimum to $10 or $15 as a means of discouraging the glut of text-to-speech comments he receives whenever he's live. The way he sees it, if he ups the price, it will set a limit to how much most viewers can afford to spam his stream. Not only that, but he believes the change could possibly discourage his viewers from using the feature altogether.

Even if viewers still want to donate for their chance to pen a text-to-speech message, he predicts that the higher price tag will provide some level of quality control. Could this move cost him some cash? Maybe, but he doesn't appear to care. In fact, he considered fans not being able to donate to be "a good thing." Perhaps the bigger question is whether or not his plan could actually work.

Could xQc's new donation price plan work?

Of course, it's still possible that xQc's streams could be hit with some text-to-speech spam. Trolls with deep pockets could feel empowered by the ability to not only press his buttons even more but flaunt their spare change in a different way. After all, people who like to troll are often motivated by exploiting specific things that annoy other people. The very fact that xQc brought this issue up could drive some of his more problematic viewers to push the envelope further. Then again, maybe xQc is onto something.

Regardless, even if there are some individuals who are so inclined to invest that kind of money in simply irritating the streamer, a price hike might at the very least thin out the herd. As long as those messages become more infrequent, xQc achieves his goal.

The popular streamer doesn't appear to be struggling financially. Even after he lost 2 million followers from a bot sweep in April, he's one of the top 15 most-viewed streamers on Twitch. It's easy to see why he's not concerned about donations going down. He even once told his viewers not to send donations his way because he didn't need the money. Instead, he recommended they use those funds to help growing channels.

Whether or not xQc will actually implement this price hike remains to be seen, but it appears as though he's given the move a good bit of thought.