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The Outlast Trials - What We Know So Far

Imagine you're thrust into the Cold War era — a time when citizens had to live in constant fear that at any moment, their world could be eviscerated. Now imagine you were part of some cruel experiments that pushed you to the brink of insanity. Not exactly anyone's idea of fun, right? Not if it was really happening, anyway. As a video game, however, it could be an excellent co-op experience.


The good people at Red Barrels want to place gamers in such a scenario with the new title "The Outlast Trials." In the game, an entity known as the Murkoff Corporation brings in unsuspecting victims to experiment with "methods of brainwashing and mind control." Gamers play as one of those poor lab rats and engage in tests either by themselves or with friends. Do you think you have the nerve to go at it alone? Take a look at everything there is to know so far and see if you'll be ready when "The Outlast Trials" releases.

Is there a release date for The Outlast Trials?

Does "The Outlast Trials" sound like your kind of game? Are you eager to begin these trials? If so, you'll have to exercise some patience. On the game's website, the release date is listed as "Unannounced." Luckily, the gameplay trailer reveals that it's planned for a 2022 launch.


The original "Outlast" is considered one of the greatest horror games of all time. Naturally, a sequel was in order, and it arrived in 2017. Fans have likely been eager for a new installment since they reached the end of "Outlast 2," and fortunately, the developer teased the next new game two years later.

It's important to keep in mind that Red Barrels is a growing team. In April of 2021, the devs shared in a tweet that the first "Outlast" was made by only 10 people. That number doubled for the sequel, and the crew doubled yet again for its latest project.

With a larger crew on board, it seems likely that Red Barrels is on track to hit that 2022 goal. Gamers can keep their eyes peeled for an exact date.


Are there trailers for The Outlast Trials?

Though "The Outlast Trials" won't be out until 2022 at the earliest, fans can still get a feel for what's to come in both the teaser trailer and the gameplay reveal.

The teaser opens to a flickering light pouring down on a record player. A mysterious individual places the needle onto the record and music begins. Upbeat '50s music plays in contrast to someone strapped to a chair while scientists suit up. The camera pans across an array of implements and a gloved hand casually selects a bloody drill. Viewers are put into a first-person view as the scientists approach the struggling victim and place some goggles over their eyes. That's when the drilling takes place.


The gameplay trailer begins with an opening shot showing someone running from a large humanoid wielding an axe in a third-person camera view. Suddenly, the viewer is thrown into first-person as the antagonist slices and stabs. What follows is various shots of what is presumably the facility holding you captive. A reassuring voiceover claims to be your "friend," appearing to blame you for your circumstances. In the end, this mysterious voice assures that "we are all going to get better ... together," though that seems doubtful.

What will The Outlast Trials' gameplay be like?

There aren't a lot of in-depth details as to how "The Outlast Trials" will play, but a closer look at both trailers offers some clues.

In the teaser, your character is outfitted with night vision goggles, suggesting this may be a key feature in the game. Indeed, the protagonist is soon running from an imposing enemy and the camera is first-person through a night-vision filter. This character winds up at a dead-end where another person (presumably a co-op player) commands the player to grab hold so they can be hoisted over the barrier.


The gameplay trailer offers a few more nuggets of information, showing a POV shot where the camera shakes radically. The gameplay could offer some pseudo-psychological effects as players progress through the game. There are also a few shots of corpses, someone stealth-sneaking, and another collaborative moment as a partner tries to grab the player's hand after they leap over a ledge. There also appears to be a jump from one character's POV to another. Gamers can kick open doors, arm themselves with weapons, plant bombs, and more.

From the looks of it, this is going to be an intense survival horror that could challenge players to figure out the best path to salvation.