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How Does Death Stranding: Director's Cut Differ From The Original?

After completing the entire "Death Stranding" story, fans of the open-world game were probably anxious for a "Death Stranding" sequel of some kind. Gamers were so pumped for any news related to the hit title that in December 2020, everyone was underwhelmed when Kojima made an announcement about an award he'd won instead of revealing any updates for his latest IP. 


Of course, Kojima still had plenty up his sleeve. When 2021's Summer Game Fest rolled around, everyone was ready to pick up "Death Stranding" again. Why's that? The teaser trailer for "Death Stranding: Director's Cut" had audiences cracking up over its cheeky nods to Kojima's beloved "Metal Gear Solid" series.

Indeed, it appears as though even a brief teaser with a clever reference was enough to stoke the flames. But if you already own the original "Death Stranding," you may be wondering if the new release will be different enough to justify spending your hard-earned bucks. For those who are on the fence, here is what sets the two versions apart.

Some of the more tame additions in Death Stranding: Director's Cut

Dubbed "The Definitive Experience," a preview trailer for "Death Stranding: Director's Cut" debuted at Gamescom 2021. Some of the updates lean more on the practical side of things, like a set of new gear to improve safety and stability for Sam Porter Bridges when he embarks on his treacherous delivery missions. He will also be joined by a robot friend, aptly named "Buddy Bot," who is eager to assist and can even help him take a load off for a while. All of this additional equipment allows the player to exercise even more creativity when delivering goods.


Feeling a little rusty since you last played? No problem! There's now a firing range so you can work on your aim. You can practice for a high score and level up your character in the process.

Throughout the "Director's Cut," you'll find plenty of "new missions and weapons" to unlock, including a section that appears to be based directly on "Metal Gear Solid." A new "Private Room" also lets you replay your favorite boss fights, which may come in handy since there's also an added online international ranking board. If you're not yet convinced, there's still wackier stuff to come in "Death Stranding: Director's Cut."

Things could get a little zany in Death Stranding: Director's Cut

Looking for some extra flavor from "Death Stranding: Director's Cut?" Well, the good news is that other updates are, well, a bit more strange than the rest. If you enjoy '80s dance montages, you will probably appreciate some of the scenes that take place while listening to the added tunes loaded into the "Director's Cut" music player. Use this opportunity to capture some silly images of Sam just vibin' with the game's photo mode.


Maybe you've always wanted to be a daredevil stunt performer but didn't want to risk your life. Why not let Sam Porter Bridges do it for you with the new ramp system? Show off his fancy driving moves by performing preposterous aerial flips, then snap a photo to share with your friends. Oh, that's not enough to satisfy the speed demon in you? How about a racing mode that lets you choose from a selection of motorcycles, trucks, and sleek roadsters?

Whether or not you own a copy of the original game or are diving into Kojima's wild future for the first time, "Death Stranding: Director's Cut" is packing in plenty of fresh content to justify a second helping.