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New Metroid Dread Trailer Reveals The Return Of A Classic Boss

The second trailer for the upcoming title "Metroid Dread" has arrived, and it was chock-full of juicy details. Most noteworthy is the return of a classic boss who players may know from previous games in the "Metroid" series, including the original title and "Super Metroid."

Making an appearance a little over 30 seconds into the trailer is fan-beloved boss Kraid. This gargantuan reptilian beast is only shown for a few seconds in the quick-moving trailer, but despite the shortness of his appearance, Kraid makes quite the impact. Ferociously growling at Samus and baring his razor-sharp teeth and claws, the chained-up beast with burning red eyes is unforgettable. Add all that onto the fact that he's one of the most massive video game bosses ever and you have everything you need for a truly climactic boss battle.

Kraid isn't the only fearsome foe who will be featured in "Metroid Dread." There are many more along the way, including the brand new and highly unstoppable E.M.M.I. robots and, if a hint in the first trailer was any indication, the creepy, shapeshifting SA-X that previously appeared in "Metroid Fusion." Samus is slated to take on enemies of all shapes and sizes. Even though her suit of armor is a little different, Samus is clearly bringing her A-game combat skills to the upcoming title.

Keeping Up with Kraid

Be warned: Kraid is the type of boss who will make even the most peaceful of gamers rage quit after a battle with him. Despite his large body, which would seem to be an easy target, it's quite challenging to take Kraid down because doing so requires a rock-solid aim at his face. Since his first appearance in the original game, Kraid has only gotten scarier, even gaining three dinosaur-like arms that emerge out of his stomach.

If the trailer comments on YouTube are any indication, fans are definitely drawn to this big boss with an even bigger reputation. As one user wrote, "Samus: Kraid? Didn't I kill you? Kraid: The reports of my death were...greatly exaggerated." Many other fans commented on Kraid's brief but noteworthy appearance and made similar jokes, including some that tied in another infamous "Metroid" boss, Ridley. One commenter made a reference to Ridley's many reappearances in the series by writing, "Kraid: 'I'm back from the dead a second time!' Ridley: 'HA! AMATEUR!'"

Given how difficult it is to defeat Kraid in earlier "Metroid" titles, maybe it's for the best that a would-be Meta-Kraid never saw the light of day. However, the possibility of a challenging boss battle with a new version of Kraid in "Metroid Dread" seems likely. Fans will have to speculate until "Metroid Dread" officially releases on October 8.