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The Case Of The Missing Streamers Has Been Solved

A few days ago, missing streamer posters got the internet's attention by featuring the faces of former TSM pro gamers Hamlinz and Daequan, along with directions to a YouTube channel named "Find the Streamers." Well, the case has finally been solved: The missing streamers have been found in the NRG Thoom House. In fact, the posters appear to have been part of a viral campaign to boost excitement for the pair's return to pro gaming and streaming.

No one had heard from the Twitch streamers for a while before this, since both Hamlinz and Daequan took breaks because of both mental and physical health issues. Aside from a few tweets here and there, the two TSM players essentially disappeared from the internet for a couple of years.

On August 26, NRG tweeted out the announcement that both Hamlinz and Daequan had been found ... with seven other friends at a new NRG content house. The announcement video from NRG showed the excitement of both fans and streamers alike, including clips from people like TimTheTatman and Ninja, who were both swept up in the mystery of the "missing" posters.

The CEO and founder of NRG, Andy Miller, also got in on the fun by tweeting that there are "big things planned" for the two newest content creators to sign onto the org. Following the announcement, the mysterious "Find the Streamers" YouTube channel morphed into something new: NRG Thoom House's official page.

Checking out the NRG Thoom House

The first post from the NRG Thoom House channel was an impressive 33-minute long house tour, in which Daequan and Hamlinz excitedly showed off their new digs.

The house, which is valued at $7 million according to the title of the video, is a brand new content think tank for NRG. Hamlinz and Daequan opened up the video by announcing that they're back to the gaming world for good, and the duo teased the fact that the NRG Thoom House has a lot of content planned. The two mentioned streaming content and podcasts as just two examples of what's to come from the NRG Thoom House. They also stated that their goal is to create content that no one's really seen before and to keep people on the edge of their seats while also bringing "some happiness" to the viewers.

The home tour itself is full of fun moments — Hamlinz even flips an egg while showing off his culinary skills. The duo also hang out and introduce the other members of the house with their own special titles, such as NRG Exile's "Best Shoe Game in the House."

Even though this is just the beginning of their new chapter, fans in the replies on YouTube are excited to see Hamlinz and Daequan back in the game and looking happier than ever in their new home.