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DokeV - What We Know So Far

Bright and colorful monster collector "DokeV" offers a pretty neat premise. According to the official website, the monsters, a.k.a. Dokebi, "gain strength from and encourage people's dreams." They don't look like your regular monsters though — they look much cuter than that. In a genre dominated by "Pokemon," "DokeV" seems to have created a space for itself. 


Fans don't know all the details about "DokeV" yet, but the development team made a few things clear. Dokebi are the monsters that players will obtain in "DokeV." There's no word on just how players will catch these creatures, but fans do know that the Dokebi will help you fight against dangers in the city. The game combines the best of games in the genre like "Pokemon" and "Yokai Watch" to create a sort of "metaverse" meant to bring players back to the special moments in their childhood, according to developers at Gamescom 2021 (via YouTube translation comments).

Fans know a lot of the details in the game, such as various gameplay aspects, that have people excited for more information. One of the most pressing questions fans have is when the game is going to come out. Here's what we know so far about "DokeV." 


When is the Release Date for DokeV?

There hasn't been any word on a release date for "DokeV" yet. The game has been in development for quite a while — the first teaser for the game came out in 2019. However, there's not any kind of release date in sight.


While the game was first shown off back in 2019, it was actually a completely different genre at the time. According to the game's official Twitter account, "DokeV" was originally supposed to be an MMO. This would make sense as Pearl Abyss, the developers of "DokeV", are also the studio behind "Black Desert Online," a pretty successful MMO title.

The game was teased by the "Black Desert Online" creators as one of three MMOs coming from the Pearl Abyss. However, things took a different turn at some point in production, which could be why there's no release date for the game just yet. Despite this, fans do have plenty of "DokeV" content to look forward to between several different trailers.

Is there a Trailer for DokeV?

Since the game was first announced, there have been several trailers that have come out at various gaming events. The first one, from 2019, had a lot of insight about the point the game.

While there aren't a ton of specifics known about the story in "DokeV," the trailers hold a surprising amount of hints in them. For example, the 2019 trailer shows a character playing in a VR simulator and exploring underwater. There's also a snapshot of glasses that the characters take on and off, which look to be how the character sees Dokebi in the real world. In general, there's a big focus on players' Dokebi teams in the original trailer. While the 2021 trailers show combat with Dokebi, it doesn't explain a lot of how it works. That part is still a mystery, but hopefully fans will learn more about combat and game mechanics soon. However, there's plenty of gameplay to dissect between the various trailers.


What's the Gameplay like in DokeV?

While "DokeV" is a monster-collecting game, there's a lot more happening in the busy world characters inhabit. The trailers show off a myriad of things, paying very little attention to Dokebi at all.

Since it's being advertised as a monster-collecting game already, "DokeV" producers might be trying to show off the other aspects of the game, such as exploring underwater or riding a llama. Don't forget all the various ways you can get around town, including skating down roads or flying through the air Mary Poppins style.


There's also fishing, which was included in both trailers, and even kite flying. It even looks like there will even be a way to decorate in the game, as the latest trailer shows a character setting down some interesting poles with a hammer. Ultimately, gamers can only speculate about the trailers, gleaning whatever information they can from the limited visuals available. 

The world is bright and beautiful. While it might really suck to live in the "Pokemon" world, living in the world of "DokeV" could be pretty amazing.