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All Eyes Are On NickMercs' Next Move

It seems that YouTube Gaming set a serious intention for 2021 to grow its name recognition. DrLupo left Twitch in favor of YouTube in order to spend more time with his family, and likely to take advantage of a lucrative contract. Then, TimtheTatman announced that he'd be headed for YouTube as well, leaving Twitch and calling his new home "hungry" for improvement. Now, fans are wondering if popular "Warzone" and "Apex Legends" streamer NickMercs might be following suit.

At the end of a recent stream, NickMercs said, "I can't tell you guys too much about everything, but I signed the biggest deal of my life." He continued to explain that the deal was so generous that it wasn't just about him anymore, but about his family and friends as well. NicMercs said that he's been trying to grow his brand recently, signing deals with Under Armour and hosting the MFAM BBQ in September. He also praised the recent Sports Illustrated article about the FaZe Clan, which called him "FaZe's most popular streamer."

When his chat pressed NickMercs to reveal the details of his deal, he said, "I just can't go over details yet, but soon. Soon, trust." Even though NickMercs didn't offer any additional information about the big deal, fans and reporters drew their own conclusions.

The internet wonders about NickMercs' next step

Considering that TimtheTatman and DrLupo both signed big deals with YouTube Gaming just before NickMercs said he'd also penned a contract, it's likely that NicMercs might be leaving Twitch soon. Jake Lucky, an esports reporter and YouTuber, tweeted, "Nickmercs signed his multi-year Twitch deal before Timthetatman and DrLupo, meaning it very well could be up by now." If NickMercs signed a deal with YouTube, Lucky said, Twitch might need to start worrying that all of its most popular streamers are jumping ship.

Others speculated that NickMercs has been hedging his bets for years now, growing a YouTube presence alongside his Twitch fanbase in case he decided to change platforms. Moving to YouTube could also open up new possibilities for collaboration. OneĀ fan noted that NickMercs is friends with DrDisrespect, who famously moved to YouTube Gaming after being banned from Twitch. It's possible that a platform shift could allow NickMercs to stream with DrDisrespect, as well as TimtheTatman and DrLupo.

No matter what happens next for NickMercs, it's clear that the war between Twitch and YouTube is heating up. In 2021, Twitch made some questionable choices, causing an uproar with its decision to ban seemingly innocent streamers and inconsistently enforce rules. With many streamers growing dissatisfied with Twitch, it's possible that YouTube will see an influx of big names in the future.