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The Real Reason DrLupo Is Leaving Twitch

Popular "Escape from Tarkov" streamer and frequent Ninja collaborator DrLupo has announced that he will no longer broadcast on Twitch and instead will exclusively create content for YouTube Gaming.

While the announcement that DrLupo would be leaving Twitch, where he has amassed 4.5 million followers since his 2015 debut, was certainly a surprise, a cryptic tweet from August 27 hinted that something big was coming up for the streamer. On the following Monday, DrLupo posted a short video to Twitter that briefly reflected on some of his past successes, highlighted the positive things the content creator had achieved with the help of his fans, and revealed that he would begin streaming exclusively with YouTube Gaming on August 31, 2021.


DrLupo has been active on YouTube for nearly as long as he has been streaming on Twitch, although his YouTube channel has less than half as many followers, with 1.74 million current subscribers. Twitch handled the news of DrLupo's imminent departure with grace, posting a tweet wishing the streamer luck on his future endeavors, which DrLupo hinted may go beyond streaming popular videogames. Here is the real reason DrLupo is leaving Twitch.

DrLupo is leaving Twitch to dedicate time to his family and explore new content on YouTube Gaming

In an interview with The Washington Post, DrLupo offered insight into why he opted to sign an exclusivity deal with YouTube Gaming and some of the new content fans could expect.

While the streamer has not revealed how much YouTube offered him to broadcast on the service exclusively, he did say, "The financial situation that YouTube presented me without a doubt is like, you know, I'm secure for life." That security, he explained, would allow him to prioritize time with his family and create new prerecorded segments to share on his channel. DrLupo said that while his channel will still dedicate time to video games, the switch would give him "a chance now to do some new stuff," such as vlog content.


While acknowledging that leaving Twitch would be challenging, DrLupo emphasized the potential to reach new audiences as a major draw. The streamer said, "There's so much room to grow, and there's so many opportunities to do incredible things with all sorts of content creators on YouTube."

DrLupo has in the past used his public profile to contribute to causes he feels strongly about. He once partnered with Twitch to raise more than $2.3 million to donate to St. Jude's Children's Hospital and helped Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Alexandria set a record on Twitch while registering viewers to vote. It should be exciting for fans to see how DrLupo expands his brand when he switches to YouTube Gaming exclusively on August 31.