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Marvel's Midnight Suns Has Fans Divided

"Marvel's Midnight Suns" was announced during Gamescom Opening Night Live and developer Firaxis Games recently revealed the gameplay. While "Marvel's Midnight Suns" reveal trailer certainly got some people very excited, the gameplay has divided fans for one specific reason: cards. The reveal showed that the game's combat system is based on deck-building and cards, which players appear to collect and upgrade before bringing into combat.

Firaxis Games, best known for developing "XCOM," clarified on Twitter that the game will not feature loot boxes or microtransactions for the cards. Players will only be able to earn them through playing the game, although special cosmetics will be available for purchase as microtransactions. Some players had negative reactions to the card system, although that might be because of their own misplaced expectations. Many fans were waiting for the next "Ultimate Alliance" game, and their hopes were severely misplaced. Firaxis Games described the game as a tactical RPG from its initial reveal and the company is best known for making turn-based tactical games.

Some people on Reddit are not thrilled about the card system, not because they don't like deck builders, but because they don't enjoy the probability of chance card games include. While other tactical RPGs like "Fire Emblem: Three Houses" and "XCOM" include some elements of randomness in the form of hit chances, a card deck could remove the ability to select what ability players want to use at any given moment. Even though many critics of "Marvel's Midnight Suns" have spoken out in opposition to the card based system, some gamers are actually looking forward to a fresh take on Marvel's biggest heroes.

Players seem to agree the social elements seem cool

Other players do think that the card system seems interesting, although they admit that its inclusion limits the audience for the game. But even people uninterested in deck-builders seem interested in the social aspects of "Marvel's Midnight Suns."

"I really liked what I saw on the social side and now that's the only thing I'm really interested in. I like that they showed how you will learn/explore more of your home base over time. I'm a sucker for that kind of thing," Redditor u/xdownpourx wrote.

Between missions, players spend time at the Abbey, the base of the Midnight Suns. At the base, the player character named The Hunter can choose to spend time with the other Marvel superheroes and develop bonds with them. The bonds unlock special abilities for combat, incentivizing players to explore the Abbey and befriend various heroes.

"Marvel's Midnight Suns" isn't the Marvel "XCOM" game that leaks suggested, but Firaxis Games has until it launches in March 2022 to win hesitant fans over.