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xQc's Injury Reveal Has Fans Seriously Worried

Twitch streamer xQc has recently been injured, and his fans are worried about him. On Wednesday, Sept. 1, an unofficial xQc fan account shared a Twitter update with some details xQc gave his fans outside of his regular streaming schedule. Along with a screenshot of xQc's chat log, the account wrote, "BREAKING: xQc shared in offline chat a few minutes ago that he has injured his right leg earlier today... All of us are hoping for him to make a speedy recovery!"

In the chat screenshots, xQc wrote, "i think i f***ing tore my second acl on my right leg...both f***ing legs dude, i cant." Two years ago, the streamer endured a leg injury that landed him in the emergency room for surgery. 

However, despite what seems to be a serious injury, xQc said he doesn't want to seek treatment this time. He wrote, "going to the hospital wont help, if [it's] torn [or] pulled its donezo, nothing can save it." It's currently unknown if he has changed his mind or sought any medical assistance since this chat. As far as how the injury occurred, xQc explained that he fell "at a terrible angle" while running. This has raised quite a few concerns for his fanbase, particularly considering everything the streamer has been dealing in recent months.

xQc's fans are hoping for the best

This is one of many in a series of unfortunate events for xQc, including recent bans and issues arising from his copyright fight against the Olympics Committee. Despite these challenges and the new injury, xQc has been working to maintain his streaming schedule. However, as noted by fan account @xQcOWUpdates, his post-injury VODs have seemingly been deleted for reasons unknown.

Naturally, fans were concerned about xQc in the Twitter comments. As user @RQuarantiello shared alongside a goofy photo of xQc, "hoping for a speedy recovery. knee injuries are no joke." With similar sentiment, user @TrafficJamTV_ wrote, "We all hoping for nothing but the best for you." A number of fans were concerned about xQc's plan to skip the hospital, including user @OmarMK60074003 who wrote, "Please go to a specialist man. Get an MRI. Torn ACLs can be fixed with good prognosis... Not getting it fixed can lead to complications in the future."

Though there were plenty of similarly encouraging and concerned messages for xQc, there were also a host of commenters with a totally different tone. Many took the opportunity to make inappropriate comments about the streamer's thin frame, while others blamed his diet for his physical health issues. Despite his detractors and what seems to be a never-ending series of bans, it doesn't look like xQc is quitting anytime soon.