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The Real Reason xQc Won't Reveal Why He Was Banned

In what is beginning to seem like a familiar story for streaming fans, Twitch slapped Felix "xQc" Lengyel with his fifth Twitch ban earlier this week. It might not seem that big of a deal, considering the former "Overwatch" pro's history of shady moments and many bans from different platforms. However, this latest reprimand seemed to pop up without any warning or reason. Fans hoped for an explanation once xQc returned on stream, but he told them right away that he wouldn't discuss what happened.


xQc refused say anything about the ban because of how "things get twisted." So, rather than explain, he decided to keep the story to himself. "I'm not going to say why I was banned or why I was unbanned ... It could have been anything," xQc said. However, when prodded by viewers, he asserted, "It wasn't really a ban, it was just kind of how it is," which didn't really answer any questions.

Recently, the Olympics got xQc banned from Twitch for about five hours after he played highlight reels on stream. Some fans on Twitter speculated that this latest ban had to do with his continued fight against the Olympics, since the suspension occurred after he declared legal action against the Olympics Committee. 


Dexerto reported that xQc streamed Kanye West's "Donda" event live on his channel without permission, which could've been another reason for the ban. Those who saw the stream claimed that he deleted the VOD afterward, though it's unclear if that was enough to cover his tracks. 

However, xQc complained about something other than his most recent ban during his conversation with fans. 

xQc doesn't like clickbait

xQc didn't elaborate on possible reasons for the ban, but he did mention how clickbait causes "irreparable damage." This could mean a number of things, like the harmful abuse rumors that sprang up during the time his breakup with Adept got the rumor mill turning. However, in this case, xQc didn't specify how clickbait was involved in this situation or what specific scenario influenced him to say so. 


This recent ban is actually one of xQc's lesser sentences, as it only lasted just over four hours (via StreamerBans). To be fair, Twitch has a strict set of rules that sometimes lead to completely bogus bans and contribute to the platform's already shady reputation.

Either way, xQc has decided that the public won't get to judge the behind-the-scenes drama. Twitch hasn't commented on the ban or the reasons for his reinstatement, either. xQc seems to be streaming regularly at this time, but the next ban could be just around the corner.