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Skyrim Meets Fast Food In This Hilarious Fan Video

A fan of "Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim" made a hilarious video inside a Chick-fil-A, meme-ing the classic game in the process. Caleb Janssen on TikTok posted "Operation: CFA Sauce," in which a character traverses through a Chick-fil-A in the first person POV with their left hand out, just like the player character in "Skyrim." The character deals with an NPC in the shape of a Chick-fil-A worker, who moves and talks in a stilted, programmed manner  similar to NPCs in "Skyrim." Using "advanced stealth techniques" the character is able to sneak into the back of the restaurant and steal a bottle of Chick-fil-A sauce. While there are tons of "Elder Scrolls" inspired videos on the internet, the performance of the NPC in Janssen's TikTok is near perfect, with the tone and physical mannerisms matching the game well.

Janssen has a couple of other videos in the same style: another "Skyrim" adventure and a "Fallout 4" themed video as well. Each video is inspired by different NPCs and activities that occur in the Bethesda developed RPGs, but the main joke of each video is the same. The fact that the characters in these games talk and move in such an odd way makes having a real person do the same thing very funny to see, which is why so many of these videos have been made. Even though Janssen's TikToks stand out on the platform, he's not the only creator making "Skyrim" related content.

More Skyrim-inspired videos

Janssen is not the first person to make videos about "Skyrim" and its NPCs' strange tendencies. JinnKid made an entire series of "Skyrim" inspired videos on TikTok, which they later compiled on their YouTube channel. Each video follows a similar template of a different "NPC" moving around and interacting with the player character in a disjointed way.

While these are recent examples of videos inspired by "Skyrim," people have been making videos mocking the game's NPCs for years. There are multiple videos doing the same style of sketch with over 10 million views on YouTube, dating back to 2017. The concept of doing " X video game in real life" is even older, with YouTube channel Smosh creating a "Skyrim" video back in 2012. It makes sense that other people would want to create their own versions of these sketches, especially now that a new generation of gamers have played Bethesda RPGs. 

Janssen's video on TikTok has over 1.6 million likes, so it seems likely that these videos are here to stay. With yet another release of "Skyrim" coming later this year and "Elder Scrolls 6" not releasing anytime soon as Bethesda continues to develop "Starfield, "Skyrim" in real-life videos might continue to be the only glimpse of a new "Elder Scrolls" game fans get.