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Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic Remake - What We Know So Far

"Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic" is widely accepted as one of the best "Star Wars" games out there. It has a nearly perfect Metacritic rating and a legion of devoted fans. Perhaps the reason why "Knights of the Old Republic" holds such a special place in gamers' hearts is that it allows players to live their own fantasy within the "Star Wars" world — or maybe it's just very fun to play.


No matter why gamers love "Knights of the Old Republic," they're in luck. PlayStation announced at its 2021 Showcase that the game is getting a much-needed remake for next-gen consoles, and anticipation is building for what will surely be a big release. Rumors began circulating that the classic RPG might be getting a remake back in early 2020, and in April 2021 gamers finally figured out that Aspyr was developing the remake. While Aspyr is typically known for working on ports of preexisting games to other platforms, "Knights of the Old Republic" doesn't seem to be a simple port. Instead, it'll be rebuilt from the ground up.

Grab your lightsaber and get ready to head into space. Here's what we know about the "Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic" so far.


Is there a release date for Knights of the Old Republic Remake?

Unfortunately, PlayStation's announcement trailer didn't indicate when "Knights of the Old Republic" would be released. While it's difficult to tell how far along a game is in its development from a trailer alone, the "Knights of the Old Republic" clip did not show any gameplay or action from the game itself. Instead, fans were treated to a short cinematic of Revan, a Sith Lord and protagonist of the original "Knights of the Old Republic."


While there's no way to know for sure when "Knights of the Old Republic Remake" will release, it's possible that the wait might be a while yet. In a PlayStation Showcase post-show interview, Aspyr confirmed that "Knights of the Republic Remake" is indeed a fully reimagined title that will remain true to the spirit of the original game. Even with the good bones of the original game, it'll be some time before more information is revealed. Aspyr said that it would be "some time" before it was ready to show more.

What will the gameplay be like in Knights of the Old Republic Remake?

As of now, "Knights of the Old Republic Remake" gameplay hasn't been revealed, but that hasn't stopped rumors from moving through the gaming community. YouTuber and leaker MrMattyPlays speculated in April 2021 that "Knights of the Old Republic Remake" would be an "action RPG of some sort." It's possible that Aspyr will choose to adapt the turn-based nature of the original game into something resembling the combat in "Final Fantasy 7 Remake," which similarly converted turn-based combat to real-time action.


Aspyr's Ryan Treadwell and Lucasfilm Games' Orion Kellogg spoke about their experience working together on "Remake" for the official "Star Wars" site. Treadwell explained that the team had hired designers with a diverse background, and listed projects members of the team had previously worked on. These games included big hits like "Ghost of Tsushima," "Demon's Souls Remake," and "Dragon Age: Inquisition." Considering that all of the listed games include an action-RPG element, it's possible that "Knights of the Old Republic Remake" might be looking to emulate that sort of gameplay.

What platforms will Knights of the Old Republic Remake be on?

A quick look at Aspyr's website illuminates something special about "Knights of the Old Republic Remake:" The game will be a timed exclusive for PC and PlayStation 5. Aspyr didn't provide any additional information about the timed exclusivity of the game, but other timed exclusive contracts vary in length, meaning that gamers don't have a solid idea of when — or if — "Knights of the Old Republic Remake" will make its way to other platforms.


As noted on the PlayStation blog, timed exclusive deals can last from "a few months to a couple of years," meaning that it could be a while before "Knights of the Old Republic" is released to the Xbox or Switch. Thankfully, the game will be available on PC at launch, allowing PC gamers to get in on the ground floor and enjoy everything the remake has to offer.