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The Heartbreaking Reason Why Logic Stepped Back From Streaming

Back in July 2020, popular rapper Logic announced that he was going to be streaming on Twitch and retiring from music completely. He signed a major contract with the platform, and according to an exclusive interview with The Verge, he made seven figures on the deal. However, he was never on the platform as much as people expected. He just explained why, and the answer is pretty shocking.

In an interview with Pardon My Take, Logic gave some in-depth answers to his relationship with the internet in general. According to the rapper, the internet just isn't a place he wants to be. Paparazzi have swarmed him around every corner — especially during his divorce with Jessica Andrea — and people have even wished death upon the rapper's 19-month old child and called him "ugly."

Logic also mentioned that the internet brought out a side of him that he didn't like. He was always envious and jealous of the engagement other rappers got on social media, like Travis Scott. This led to him thinking that his self-worth was only as good as people online made it.

However, the rapper is still living his life as he wants despite not being on the internet or Twitch. He even spent over $220k on a Pokemon card last year, and he's got more up his sleeve when it comes to spending money and securing his future.

Logic plans to invest money in a different media form: film

While Logic has been officially retired from music for a while now, he mentioned in the Pardon My Take interview that he planned to work even in retirement. While that work initially looked like Twitch, he decided to look towards film instead.

In the interview, the rapper explained how he made friends with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. That friendship led to him starring in an episode of Apple TV's "Mr. Corman," and Logic loved the experience.

Logic even wrote an entire movie that he said he plans to star in. In fact, he said the movie is an actual thing that he's spent millions on already, and it's easy to believe him. It wouldn't be the first time he switched art forms — back in 2019, the rapper published a book titled "Supermarket" under the name Bobby Hall.

That was all the news on the movie Logic had, so it's safe to say that the movie won't be releasing anytime soon (if it's even being filmed yet). Logic fans, you might have been disappointed by his lack of streaming on Twitch, but you might have more projects to look forward to soon.