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Bayonetta Voice Actor Hints At Bad News For Fans

Nintendo fans have been waiting for "Bayonetta 3" for nearly four years since its reveal at the Video Game Awards in 2017. PlatinumGames reps have popped up every now and then to confirm that the game is, in fact, still in progress. However, it still makes the list for top games that have gone suspiciously quiet. Some have even wondered if the game is still coming out. Unfortunately, voice actor Hellena Taylor might've just hinted at some bad news with a recent tweet.

Taylor voices titular character Bayonetta. She tweeted how thankful she was for her role, saying "The greatest gift of doing Bayonetta are my lovely fans." One fan responded with how they couldn't imagine Bayonetta without her voice, to which she replied, "Well you might have to."

Her reply attracted the attention of more commenters, who asked her to elaborate on what that meant. She then said, "I'm not at liberty to say," initiating the buzz about what her responses could mean for "Bayonetta 3."

Fans freaked out about Taylor's tweet because it implied that she was no longer voicing the character. If she were still voicing Bayonetta, then the fans wouldn't have to imagine her without Taylor's voice. Taylor's performance is considered one of the most iconic parts of the character, so it makes sense that fans would miss her, and they said as much in their responses to the news.

What Taylor's responses mean for the future of Bayonetta

Taylor's tweets have little context behind them, so it's important not to read too deeply into what they may mean. Some publications, like Game Rant, pointed out that a possible NDA could be keeping Taylor from divulging more. Her original tweet doesn't mention anything about her leaving the role or no longer working on the game, not that an NDA would allow her to talk about it. It isn't clear what reasons could motivate Taylor to leave, either.

Taylor's tweets also scared fans into thinking there could be a progress hiccup with "Bayonetta 3." It's likely that "Bayonetta 3" is still in development, considering that the developers recently had an interview with Video Games Chronicle about the upcoming title. Developers continued to assure fans that the game was progressing smoothly. Hideki Kamiya, the creator of the "Bayonetta" series, told Video Games Chronicle that the team would love to show fans more of "Bayonetta 3." However, it's not up to them — it's up to Nintendo.

"Bayonetta 3" was announced for the Nintendo Switch at the Video Game Awards in 2017. There's no release date in sight, though that might change soon based on what Kamiya revealed.