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There's One Major Problem With This Emotional Life Is Strange: True Colors Scene

Critics had some pretty high praise for "Life is Strange: True Colors," and most fans have loved the game, too. While there was a bit of discourse over a Tibetan flag in the game that led to it being review bombed on Steam, it's still gotten great reviews overall. However, the game has its fair share of bugs, and one of the more hilarious ones actually causes a bit of a problem in one scene.


Reddit user BadGamesJules shared a clip of the moment. In what's supposed to be a pretty emotional scene, Alex ends up T-posing while saying, "What emotion is this?" The action is so unexpected, many found it quite hilarious. It seemed to be a pretty common bug in consoles, but PC players haven't been running into the t-pose glitches at all. 

T-posing isn't the only error in "Life is Strange: True Colors," though. One user reported floating water left between scenes, and another saw a character repeatedly walking into a trash can. While the reviews for the game have been stellar, it looks like glitches and bugs have been pretty rampant. While this has had some users laughing, it presents a pretty big problem for the immersive sim.


Why the bugs are particularly bad for "Life is Strange: True Colors"

"Life is Strange: True Colors" is an immersive sim, meaning that the game wants players to feel like they're part of the story. As one can imagine, major bugs and glitches can easily distance a player from the story in the game. For example, the T-posing glitch caused most players to laugh at the absurdity of the pose. However, the goal of that scene was an emotional look at empathy, not a joke. Bugs can take away from the immersive-ness of the game, as one user on Reddit specifically pointed out.


While there were quite a few bugs mentioned in the Reddit thread, the game isn't at the level of "Cyberpunk 2077" when it comes to game-changing problems, which the development team knew about ahead of its release. Luckily, the bugs in "Life is Strange: True Colors" seem to be leading to laughs, not anger.  

While the development team for the game works to fix the issues, fans can continue to enjoy playing through the story. The game doesn't take too long to beat, and has loads of replay value that will keep players coming back to experience the story over and over again.