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Bizarre Pokemon Unite Glitch Cuts Off Squirtle's Head

Glitches are nothing new in the video game sphere, from the bizarre facial animations in "Mass Effect: Andromeda" to the truly funny bugs in "Cyberpunk 2077." Gamers have seen some truly bizarre visual glitches play out before their very eyes throughout the years. Now it seems a new glitch has earned a spot for "Pokémon Unite" on this infamous list of glitchy games. The monster-filled MOBA game has already received some negative press for the way it allows bots to ruin multiplayer and the unfortunate pay-to-win aspects of some of its in-game items. At least this issue is a little bit more amusing.


Reddit user mo4212 recently posted a thread titled "Squirtle loses its head upon evolution," which features a video depicting just that. In the clip, the original water-type starter Pokémon defeats an Aipom and gains enough experience points to evolve — only to find itself with a dark hole in the top of its shell and a tiny blue sphere where its head should be. Its tail is suddenly gone as well, indicating that its transformation into Wartortle was technically successful. 

The player in control of the Pokémon also continued to use its abilities effectively, despite the loss of the creature's noggin. It seems that the bug was purely visual and didn't have any negative effects on the gameplay — besides being a tad distracting. Here's what the player had to say about this bizarre glitch.


Squirtle loses its head in the heat of battle

Mo4212 wrote in their thread that this headless form was only temporary. "It was like this until I evolved into Blastoise and my friends could see it too," they remarked. "Guess Wartortle was feeling a little shy and didn't wanna show his face lol." Of course, there's a certain irony about a turtle Pokémon's head disappearing into its shell. Some younger players might be frightened by the sudden decapitation of their favorite starter, but the comment section of the Reddit thread found the glitch to be hilarious.


Angel_of_Mischief wrote, "the Halloween content looks pretty underwhelming, but this is a fun addition." SheepyYoshi joked that Wartortle was simply using its Withdraw move. DmodGmodLPs compared the situation to another Nintendo property, stating, "Mario jumped on the wrong turtle." 

Other users shared their own experiences with the glitch. Reddit user -Atkins- posted, "Dude I had this glitch at one point and it was also in a quick game, it's so funny to see it lmAO. His head just becomes SUPER tiny."

All in all, this might be the most fun people have had with a Pokémon glitch since Missingno was corrupting games and copying items back in the first generation.