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The Real Reason Call Of Duty Pros Are Furious With Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect is no stranger to internet drama. He's had to address his controversial comments about mobile gamers and split fans over his coronavirus theories in the past. An of course, the issues of his mysterious Twitch ban continue to hang over his fanbase. It's not particularly surprising when the Doc says something controversial, but his latest comment has pro gamers and casual fans alike furious.

The issue at hand was the aim assist feature afforded to controller players in "Call of Duty: Warzone." Specifically, Dr Disrespect argued that players who used controllers in the game didn't have the same level of skill. The Doc tweeted out the comment, "Without your aim assist, you ain't nothin." Elsewhere online, TSM Myth quoted Dr Disrespect and added, "I'll never put a controller player in my top 10 for greatest fps players of all time." Gamers immediately rose to the occasion in response to the two streamers' comments, but they weren't the first players to comment on the aim assist feature in "Warzone."

Other players have mentioned that the aim assist option in "Warzone" offers an unfair advantage. In one Reddit post, a player complained that console players have an unfair advantage because aim assist is too powerful, picking up the slightest movements and helping the player in sniping down opponents. Even though other players commented that aim assist is meant to level the playing field between console and PC players, it was clear that some players see console aim assist as a plague on "Warzone." However, when the Doc mentioned his own dislike of aim assist, gamers went wild in response.

Gamers respond to Warzone controller backlash

All sorts of pro gamers arrived on the scene to discuss aim assist with the Doc and Myth. Streamer Karl Jacobs chose a playful response making fun of the Doc's grammar, saying, "Ain't nothing means I am something! Double negatives." However, other gamers weren't so kind. FaZe Pamaj tweeted, "I loved knocking you out of tournaments on Console while you were gaming on ya 240hz PC, Doc." Fan account Modern Warzone simply suggested that Dr Disrespect wanted to get a rise out of gamers in order to "farm impressions" on Twitter.

More gamers chose to respond to Myth's retweet of the Doc, with 100 Thieves co-owner Nadeshot tweeting, "Your opinion went out the door when you slandered some of the best players in the world just because they play on controller. If you didn't match up on mainstage against them, you don't know what it takes." Nadeshot concluded by saying that Myth simply hadn't been around long enough to know about pro gamers. The exchange with Nadeshot inspired Myth to apologize for his comments, though the Doc did not walk back his statements.

Dr Disrespect's friend and sometimes teammate TimtheTatman tried to make peace and put the issue to rest once and for all by saying, "If controller is so broken then play controller." Tim definitely had a point that controllers are available to everyone, which would theoretically mean that the playing field is more even than some gamers want to think.