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Dr Disrespect Finally Addresses One Of His Controversial Comments

In a recent stream, Dr Disrespect teamed up with Indian YouTuber and PUBG pro Sc0ut. While the stream ended up being a lot of fun, there were a few uncomfortable moments. One of these moments actually led to the Doc doing something he just about never does: apologizing. 


During the stream with Sc0ut, the Doc took the time to apologize for comments he made regarding mobile gaming in the past. Specifically, he once tweeted, "Mobile gamers aren't real gamers." It makes a lot of sense why this subject would come up, considering the fact that he was streaming with someone who has made a name for themselves playing a ton of PUBG Mobile

The stream itself ran into a few snags right at the top. It seemed that Dr Disrespect and Sc0ut had a few issues with connecting with one another. The Doc ran into a similar problem last week when he streamed Fall Guys with PewDiePie. However, that stream turned out to be a massive success, so clearly it was worth working the kinks out. Eventually, the Doc and Sc0ut managed to hop on the same server and play their first round of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout together.


At one point, the Doc explained to Sc0ut why he wasn't so keen on playing mobile games. As he told Sc0ut, "The one thing that bothers me with mobile [gaming] is ... I'm actually putting my thumbs on the screen. And, and it takes away ... the screen space, you know?"

Dr Direspect explained that he'd rather be able to place his fingers on side buttons or use accessories like a controller. For the Doc, putting his fingers on the screen just feels unnatural gets in the way of his overall gaming experience. 

Later on, the Doc and Sc0ut discussed the logistics of playing PUBG Mobile on an iPad, which seemed like it helped the Doc decide to come clean. This is when Dr Disrespect brought up his past comments regarding mobile gamers. He mentioned to Sc0ut that he didn't want there to be any awkwardness if it came up later. 

The Doc said, "Not sure if you ever saw my tweet. Um, so I just want to get ahead of the controversy. About me saying mobile gamers aren't real gamers ... It was, it was a spur of the moment ... You know, I just want to make sure that I get ahead of it."

It was pretty obvious that this wasn't a rehearsed moment, because the Doc was clearly a little bit uncomfortable apologizing for his past comments. However, it seemed to break the ice in a nice way. Sc0ut mentioned that it was totally fine and the two went back to playing Fall Guys


The rest of the stream went by without incident. Aside from the awkwardness up top, the Doc's broadcast with Sc0ut was overall a pretty pleasant affair. There were some concerns among fans that cultural differences between the Doc and Sc0ut would result in an awkward stream, but the two titans seemed to greatly enjoy one another's company. The two seemed to have a good time trying to one-up each other in Fall Guys and the fans ate it up.

As one fan on Twitter pointed out, the collab may have brought the Doc to a whole new audience. Sc0ut has a massive following among Indian gamers, many of whom may not have followed Dr Disrespect before now.

Some of the Doc's fans weren't as excited by the stream, however. One fan in particular felt that Fall Guys' whole cutesy vibe doesn't seem to mesh too well with Dr Disrespect's usual persona. Despite this, it seems like the Doc enjoys the game for what it is.

According to a report from Sportskeeda, the stream was a huge success for both of the participants. Sc0ut ended up peaking at 128,000 concurrent viewers, while Dr Disrespect brought in 104,000. Even if some people may have only tuned in to see if Dr Disrespect would address his controversial comments, it still translated into solid numbers for the two of them.


Dr Disrespect has been on a bit of a roll since he returned to streaming on YouTube. Within a few days, the Doc had overtaken Ninja's return stream numbers. He has continued to utilize that momentum in subsequent streams. He has partnered with Hi-Rez Studios to design a map for Rogue Company and even announced pre-orders for his autobiography. With his latest collaborations with PewDiePie and Sc0ut, Dr Disrespect has made it clear that he's still a force to be reckoned with. However, this latest stream also seems to send another message: he's willing to learn from his past.