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Deathloop: How Do You Play As Julianna?

After some significant delays, the time-bending new shooter from Arkane Studios, "Deathloop," has finally arrived on the PlayStation 5 and PC. The game generally landed well with critics, and players are finally exploring Blackreef island to attempt to close the neverending loop in which the main character, Colt, is trapped.

To achieve that goal, players need to find and eliminate the eight Visionaries scattered throughout the game's distinct districts and complete that objective within a single day. While each Visionary presents their own unique set of challenges for Colt, the game's main antagonist, Julianna, stands out. As Colt hunts down the Visionaries, Julianna can enter the district he is currently in, locking the exit tunnels and setting up a showdown between the two stylish and deadly characters.

The Julianna mechanic in "Deathloop" has a special twist, one that the game indicates as an option from the start but isn't immediately accessible. Players can actually take on the role of Julianna themselves, dropping into other players' current "Deathloop" runs and trying to protect the loop themselves.

While the option to play as Julianna is presented on the game's main screen, players will have to jump through a few hoops before they can try their hand at stopping Colt. Here is what players need to know to start a game as Julianna.

Players need to defeat the first Visionary to be able to play as Julianna

When players first start "Deathloop," they are presented with a menu screen with two distinct options — "Break the Loop" and "Protect the Loop." Choosing to break the loop will begin a normal "Deathloop" run as Colt, where players seek out the Visionaries and try to end the time loop that defines existence on Blackreef. Choosing to protect the loop sets the player up as Julianna and places the player in a live "Deathloop" run to stop Colt.

However, when gamers first start "Deathloop," the option to protect the loop is locked. So how do players unlock that option, opening up the opportunity to play as Julianna, stop Colt, and begin exploring the game from the another significant point of view?

Thankfully, the answer is pretty straightforward, even if "Deathloop" doesn't immediately make it seem that way. Many of the game's essential mechanics, like details about Infusion and Residuum, are locked until the player completes the game's extended tutorial by killing the first Visionary, Dr. Wenje Evans. Once that objective is achieved, players will have their first opportunity to face off against Julianna, and defeating her for the first time will unlock the option to protect the loop and explore the game from the other side.