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Nadeshot's Donation Leaves This Streamer Speechless

The founder of the legendary esports and lifestyle brand 100 Thieves, Nadeshot, has been an influential part of the streaming scene for years and was recently able to support a fellow streamer's musical ambitions. The former "Call of Duty" pro left a donation on a Twitch stream that funded the streamer's planned band tour, leaving the singer speechless.

The donation occurred as part of a project where Nadeshot worked with sponsor Rockstar Energy to find small streamers who needed a boost, dropping into random streams and gifting subs. Nadeshot, who gave up his Twitch partnership earlier this year, had spent about an hour doing exactly that when he switched his attention to Twitch channels that were currently steaming "Rocket League." Nadeshot almost gave up on the category, noting that players in the middle of the match often wouldn't leave to acknowledge the gift, but at the last minute noticed a channel with the headline "Tour Fundraising."

That turned out to be WrighteousJ, the Twitch channel for Jordan Wright, the frontman of the cinematic rock band City of Sound. After spending some time admiring Wright's natural good looks, Nadeshot and Rockstar Energy donated 100 subs for to help fund the tour, much to Wright's initial disbelief. However, Nadeshot had another gift that would leave the streamer speechless.

Nadeshot and Rockstar's donation funded Wrighteous J's tour for City of Sound

After the 100 Thieves founder initial donation of 100 subs, he hung around on the channel to investigate Wright's profile and learn more about the band. Nadeshot seemed especially excited when he realized that Wright was not only the lead singer of the band but the band's pianist, exclaiming, "Dude, this guy plays the piano? That's my dream!"

Wright introduced Nadeshot and his followers to his band's take on cinematic rock, playing a few songs while working out some kinks with the donation button. After about 20 minutes of learning about City of Sound and Wright's efforts with the band, Nadeshot and Rockstar Energy teamed up to deliver the $3,000 that the singer was hoping to raise to send the band on tour.

Wright's stunned reaction can be seen even better on his own Twitch stream. When he processed that the band's entire goal had been met, it took him well over a minute to recover and thank Rockstar Energy and the 100 Thieves founder for their generous donation. Back on his own Twitch stream, Nadeshot enjoyed a cookie brought to him by his girlfriend Haley Hey while he continued to watch Wright's reaction as the musician held back tears and eventually called his bandmates to tell them they were headed on tour.