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Guitar Hero Meets Ghost Peppers In This Bizarre Streaming Challenge

The worlds of "Guitar Hero" and insane eating challenges came together in a recent steam by CarnyJared. In the video, the "Guitar Hero" pro managed to consume an entire ghost pepper while playing one of the series' most infamous and appropriately named tracks, "Through the Fire and the Flames."


While the ghost pepper may not be the world's hottest pepper, it is plenty spicy, and challenge videos of people attempting to consume one on camera have been popular on YouTube for years. Likewise, "Through the Fire and the Flames," a DragonForce song that debuted in "Guitar Hero 3," may not be the most challenging song to play on a plastic guitar, as observed by fans on Reddit, but its difficulty remains legendary.

While CarnyJared's attempt to conquer the ghost pepper while hitting the hundreds of notes that players face in a "Through the Fire and Flames" run can mostly be seen as successful, watching the video might make viewers wonder if it was worth it. Even though he did make it through the song, and the video gamer did not get sent to the hospital, the experience looked pretty painful.


Here is what happened when CarnyJared ate an entire ghost pepper and then tried to play "Through the Fire and the Flames" on "Guitar Hero."

CarnyJared had to fight back tears

Like most people who are still interested in the sadly dormant "Guitar Hero" franchise, CarnyJared plays "Clone Hero," a modern revival of the series created by Ryan Foster. While "Clone Hero" is famous for its extensive list of community-created songs, which gamers can find on Reddit, the streamer instead went with a song that many "Guitar Hero" fans know, but few have mastered.


Before loading up "Through the Fire and the Flames," CarnyJared first prepped a pretty hefty-looking ghost pepper. The streamer considered trying to find one that wasn't quite as massive for a moment before finally committing to his decision and popping the whole thing in his mouth. Things started to get intense for CarnyJared within seconds, as the ghost pepper, which is 107 times hotter than a jalapeno (as rated on the Scoville scale), started to affect the streamer almost immediately.

As CarnyJared dived into his "Through the Fire and Flames" run, restarting to change some settings, things quickly got worse. After about a minute, the streamer blinked back tears as he tried to concentrate on the game and not the heat of the ghost pepper. Soon, he began trying to consume dairy to try and fight back the sensation. CarnyJared even doused himself in milk at one point as a seemingly ineffective fix against the overwhelming spice.


The streamer eventually made it "Through the Fire and Flames" and came out the other side, hopefully with a new appreciation for the power of ghost peppers.