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Dessyy Explains How She Deals With The Haters On TikTok - Exclusive

Few social media platforms have influenced contemporary culture over the last few years as much as TikTok. The video-centric content-sharing platform has gone up against heavy hitters like Twitter and Instagram and has managed to carve out its own unique space for its expansive user base.


The powerful app hasn't just built a virtual home for its more than 1 billion monthly users (per Reuters), but it has also created a unique way for content creators and social media influencers to reach new audiences on a massive scale. One such content creator who has found enormous success on TikTok is Dessyy (who can be found on the platform as @dessyyc). A cosplayer and streamer, Dessyy's experience with YouTube and Twitch helped her achieve massive growth on TikTok in a relatively short period.

SVG sat down with Dessyy in an exclusive interview, during which she explained that she managed to reach her first 100,000 viewer within a year of launching on the platform in 2019. By 2021, that number expanded to 3.5 million. However, that kind of success on the internet usually attracts unfortunate attention from toxic individuals


Here's how Dessyy deals with the haters that she encounters on TikTok and other social media platforms.

Dessy likes to let controversial posts get 'kind of rowdy'

When SVG asked Dessyy about what it was like when her TikTok videos performed exceptionally well, she said that it could be pretty surprising, especially when the posts that get the most views are ones she doesn't expect. She said, "I go to bed, and the video's at like 20 K. I wake up, and it's like at 3.2 mil." Dessy later noted, "And sometimes, with a lot of the fame and stuff comes a lot of hate."


Dessyy pointed out that some of her TikToks that had gotten the most attention were also the ones that caused the most controversy. As a post reaches more users, opinions are shared, and the discussions can sometimes get pretty lively.

However, the longtime Twitch streamer and content creator has learned to harness some of that energy and use it to her advantage. Dessyy explained, "Sometimes, I kind of play that in my favor. And I'll make jokes that I know people will want to comment on and say something about just to get the action, and get people commenting, and get it kind of rowdy in the comments."

While those kinds of conversations always have a chance to get out of hand on social media, thankfully, it seems that Dessyy mostly reaches a group of fans that has become a little more tight-knit — and hopefully more respectful — than some other fandoms. As Dessyy told SVG, "there are many different ages and groups of people who follow me and have grown into my community, which is awesome."