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Sands Of Aura - What We Know So Far

Fans of "Dark Souls"-style combat and the visual approach of dungeon-diving action RPGs such as "Diablo" should find plenty to like in "Sands of Aura," the upcoming debut from indie developer Chashu.

"Sands of Aura" is set in what is described on Steam as "the once-flourishing world of Talamhel," which has since fallen into a state of corruption. Players explore that corrupted world from an isometric perspective while engaging in complex combat maneuvers that require skill and dedication to master. Fans got an expanded look at "Sands of Aura" when the developers shared a trailer at August 2021's Future Games Show, raising interest in the game and its upcoming early access program.


However, gamers still have plenty of questions about what they can expect from "Sands of Aura" once the indie title finally goes live. Thanks to a trailer and some hints from Chaschu, there's already a good bit of information out there regarding this striking new fantasy game.

When is Sands of Aura being released?

While the exact release date for "Sands of Aura" has not yet been confirmed, the game is expected to arrive at some point in 2022. Before that, the game will see an early access period, as noted in a questionnaire attached to the game's early access announcement on Steam.


The developers have been tight-lipped about when the full version of the game will launch, perhaps to use the early access period to gauge fan reaction to the current completed content. However, considering that the game has been under development by the core team of developers for more than three years, sending the game out to the public in early access might give the team the feedback it needs for a final push.

If community reception is positive, players may end up being able to explore the world of "Sands of Aura" before the first half of 2022 is up.

When does early access for Sands of Aura begin?

During the Future Games Show, a trailer for "Sands of Aura" revealed that Chashu will launch early access for the game on Oct. 21, 2021. This was later confirmed by the game's Steam listing.

While Chashu hasn't shared too many details about what will be included in the early access version of "Sands of Aura," a GamesRadar article created in partnership with publisher Freedom Games gives fans a hint of what to expect. After describing some of the game's open-world environments, a brief description of the game's combat, and weapon upgrade possibilities, GamesRadar noted that all of these features would be available in the early access build.


Beyond that, a questionnaire attached to the early access announcement on Steam gave a few more specifics regarding the amount of content that will be available. That note explained that early access players can "Expect to play the first 3 acts of this adventure, with a full map to explore, side quests to complete, dungeons to clear, and a whole sand sea to sail."

What will the gameplay of Sands of Aura be like?

With years of development already put into the game, many of the systems in "Sands of Aura" seem pretty well defined.

On the official "Sands of Aura" website, the developers detail many specific systems that will appear in the game. The player's initial entrance into the shattered world of Talamhel is given some context, as well as their introduction to the mysterious Order of Remnant Knights. Players will then navigate the seemingly endless sands of Talamhel on a Grainwake, which appears to be a sail-powered dune boat.


Beyond that, the developers introduce some of the enemies that gamers will face in "Sands of Aura," like the hive-minded Hashara and the ancient Ferrum. Players will face off with these foes by utilizing seven different fighting styles, which can be applied to thousands of unique weapons and dozens of distinct sets of armor.

In between all of that exploration and conflict, players will be tasked with maintaining their own sanctuary, the Starspire. As the game progresses, gamers will meet potential companions and allies throughout Talamhel, who can also be invited to make Starspire their permanent home. Adding these characters to the sanctuary will make exclusive perks and equipment available to the player, but will also require gamers to make difficult moral decisions while constructing a community.