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Brianna Arsement Talks Roblox, Her Music, And Female Representation In Gaming - Exclusive Interview

Creating a constant stream of content for a large audience can be a challenge. Few handle that with as much grace and enthusiasm as Brianna Arsement, whose three YouTube channels — Brianna, BriannaPlayz, and BriannaGamez — deliver daily content to over 10 million subscribers.


While BriannaPlayz and BriannaGamez focus heavily on "Minecraft" and "Roblox" streams, her primary channel offers an ever-changing array of family-friendly content that is as exciting as it is unpredictable. From wild challenges to fun videos featuring her husband, fellow content creator PrestonPlayz, all that Brianna's subscribers know for sure is that the next thing they see on her channel will be a blast to watch.

Entertaining content may be the name of the game on her YouTube channels, but Brianna comes from a unique background that has influenced her efforts outside of gaming and content creation. In addition to making videos that her fans love, Brianna has been involved in some fantastic charities and uses her platform to advocate for female empowerment in gaming.


SVG sat down with Brianna to speak with her about these issues and more. Here is what Brianna Arsement had to say about games like "Minecraft" and "Roblox," her charity work and music career, and critical issues like representation in gaming.

Brianna explains her origin story as a streamer

How did you get your start as a streamer?

I actually started my career as an RN, a registered nurse, in the ER. So, really, my heart has always been to share love, joy, and excitement with other people, and that's why I wanted to work one-on-one with others.


I ignited that with my passion for gaming, and I was like, "Yo, I can reach a huge amount of people and bring them happiness and joy at their house by kind of marrying that together." Getting to live out my dream of speaking with others as well as playing games. It's been super fun, a very interesting journey, for sure.

What was it like diving into that whole streaming subculture?

I always grew up playing detective games, "The Sims," things kind of like single-player, but then I got introduced to multi-player games, and I loved it. They've been super welcoming as a community, all of the gamers. It's also a great way, especially with COVID, to connect with people in Japan, Canada, what have you. I've honestly had a very positive experience with getting involved.


Brianna talks streaming with her husband, PrestonPlayz

You also make a lot of videos with your husband, PrestonPlayz. What's it like working so closely with your spouse on these projects?

Super fun. I would say it's a blessing. A lot of people don't get to work with their spouse, and he's just so creative and amazing. He's been in the space for so long. Also, we have very different perspectives on creative, so we can put our minds together and just kind of make a really wholesome thought come together because we think in different ways, I would say.


Are there any video games that you two play together off stream?

I actually love "League of Legends." I find that one fun. I play "Sims" for fun, as well. He's been playing a lot of "Valorant" and that kind of thing. It's funny because we'll play for our work, but then I like to go home and decompress and just chill by playing games as well, which is cool.

You've described the kind of content that you do as more narrative-based, while Preston is more competitive. How do you approach creating narrative content?

I would say I like to story-tell, versus going through this really hard parkour or obstacle challenge and having a race. I like to find a magical fairy in "Minecraft" and say, "Oh, my goodness, where did I find her? What journey can she lead me on? Am I helping her save the world?" Little things like that. Kind of having more of a scene-by-scene basis.


How do you come up with ideas for that kind of content?

We have a really awesome team that helps us with creative. I will say, ultimately it is up to me at the end of the day, and that's how I want it to be because it's my channel. It's a reflection on me, but then we have an awesome gaming and real-life vlog creative team that helps just kind of come up with ideas and then flesh out the script itself.

Brianna looks back on wild challenges and finding her streaming community

Your main channel features a lot of incredible challenges. Can you tell us about one that got out of hand in a fun way?

When you say "out of hand," it makes me think of a video I did with one of the world's strongest men. He was coming into town, and I was like, "Guys, I really want to destroy a car. I don't know why, but it needs to happen." In two days, we found a car, got it from a lot, [and] he literally just used power tools on the car to destroy it, ripping off the doors, everything like that. Definitely out of hand!


Was there a moment early on where streaming really clicked with you?

I started my gaming series by finding Preston's secret houses and things. I would go on these journeys, and Preston would have a secret mansion, just little treasure map stories. To be honest, what really made me catch on was how positive and sweet people were. I think that's because I never came off as aggressive, like, "Oh my gosh, I'm the best video game player in the world," but I just have fun with it. That made me really enjoy getting to do it.

You have a third channel, BriannaGamez, which is focused on "Roblox." What makes that content unique?

"Roblox" is a huge sandbox, is what I would call it. You can be all different ages, find a game that you like, whether you want to play a fashion game, escape and obstacle course. But then also it has sort of "Sims"-like vibes where you can customize a character. You can make a house and create your entire story. You can make a witch who comes and visits you in something called Brookhaven. Really it's just a very open world that you can do whatever you want with.


Brianna talks about female representation in gaming

Are there any streamers or content creators out there that you haven't gotten to work with that you'd like to?

Hmm, that's a good question. I feel like there's not a ton of females in the space. There's a bunch of girls I'd love to work with on Twitch, but they do more of a different style of content, but it'd be so cool if we could have somebody like Valkyrae or Pokimane play "Minecraft" on a video or something like that.


Speaking of women in that space, it feels like women are finally getting some of the recognition they deserve in gaming, although there certainly is more room to grow. What insight do you have about your own perseverance in the industry?

It's true that the representation of women in gaming is small in numbers. However, for the most part, my personal experience has been that both men and women have been very welcoming in the gaming space.

I know that women can sometimes be made to feel less-than in the gaming industry, but my personal experience has been overwhelmingly positive. One thing that often holds women back in gaming is the stereotype that gaming is "for the boys." Gaming can often be unnecessarily gendered, and I think that this can cause women to hide their passion for gaming due to the fear of bullying, harassment, or being judged.


It is my firm belief that if you have a passion for something and want to show that love to the world, you should pursue and reach for your dreams. Do not let others have the power to hold you back. The gaming community is making giant strides to increase female recognition. I believe it will get better and better with time.

What do you feel has been the biggest step towards a more inclusive gaming world?

Having outlets such as YouTube, Twitch and TikTok has significantly increased the female presence in the gaming community. Through these platforms, women can reach viewers all over the world. These different social media and online platforms clearly demonstrate that women can become successful in this field, just like their male counterparts.

What do you think needs to be done to bring more women into the industry, whether it's in executive roles or creative?

As more women begin to join social media and online communities, I believe that it will bring more women into the industry by increasing the exposure of females in the space. That applies to any type of content online, whether it be gaming, vlogs, music, etcetera.

Outside of streaming, Brianna works with amazing charity organizations

You've done some incredible charity work with the Starlight Children's Foundation. How did that event come about?

I've always, as a nurse, like I mentioned before, had a passion for helping others. I remember specifically I worked in the NICU [Newborn Intensive Care Unit] for a little while and I held a baby in my hand. He was so teeny-tiny and I remember in that moment just wanting to help him. He was such a helpless little — that's a person in my hand.


Once Starlight reached out to me, it just made sense that I would work together in tandem with them and bring awareness to the organization through games, because I do think games are helping unite people together from all over the world, different ages. I think it's an amazing cause. I enjoyed getting to promote them.

Any other events like that coming up?

Eventually, my goal is to go to Africa, once COVID gets a little more under control, with the Thirst Project, I've talked with them a little bit. They make water wells for people who [need them]. We just take it for granted. I can go get water from my faucet. Just little things like that. That's hopefully in the works. Definitely going to stream more for Starlight, for sure.


Brianna talks about her favorite part of her streaming setup

It seems like you have a really cool streaming setup. Do you have a favorite tool, gadget, or device that you couldn't go live without?

Hmm, that's a good question. I love my streaming PC. I'm looking at it right now, and I think one of the things I love the most is we made it. It's one that we assembled ourselves, and I can just look at it because it's on my wall. It's mounted up on the wall, and it has fun colors. It runs really smooth. I think that'd probably be my favorite.

A lot of people are looking into creating content like you do. Do you have any advice for anybody who's getting started?

I have a couple pieces of advice. First, you don't have to have this big fancy set-up to do this. You don't. I know tons of creators who film on their iPhone. There's an endless amount of options.

Two, it doesn't have to be the most popular game for you to have success. If you have a niche, if you enjoy something, go for that because this is daily, it's a job, but I love it because I enjoy the games I'm playing and the type of content [I make.] Believe in yourself. You can't make every single person, whoever watches a video, just love it. But that doesn't matter, as long as you love what you're doing and love yourself.


Brianna drops some hints about her upcoming musical projects

Music is also a big part of your life. Do you have new songs or music videos that you're working on?

Yes. I just recorded my first two music videos. They're in the works. Hopefully, in the next few months we'll be releasing those. I just recorded the audio for my third song, so that's also in the works. I'm excited.


I currently have my first two music videos being edited, and they are in the works to be released through a variety of different platforms soon. I also have a few songs ready to record to slowly build up to an entire album.

Growing up in musical theatre, I have always had a huge passion for singing and dancing, so I'm very excited to finally get to show that to the world. Every one of my songs is meant to send an encouraging message and show love to every person who listens.

Anything else that fans can look forward to?

I'm hoping soon I can start traveling again and start working more hand in hand with other creators. Being in Texas is a blessing because there are a lot of us here, but a big thing I want to work on is actually getting to meet other creators in the space.


To find out more about Brianna, follow her journey on YouTube and Instagram.