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Why Ninja Was Stoked To Get 'Kidnapped'

While Ninja might be synonymous with "Fortnite," the streamer has been branching out to spend time with "Apex Legends," one of the best battle royale games available. While Ninja has approached that game with his usual high-tier play, he recently became the victim of a devastating move called kidnapping, and while it cost him the game, he left the match excited to see it in action.

Kidnapping in "Apex Legends" requires some precise positioning from a player using Wraith. By creatively using her ultimate ability, Dimensional Rift, which opens up a reusable portal for Wraith and her teammates to move long distances, opposing players can be pulled out of position and away from their team. The maneuver takes advantage of what is sometimes seen as a weakness of Dimensional Rift, the fact that enemies can also freely use the portal.

As demonstrated on Reddit, performing a kidnapping requires a player using Wraith to open one end of a portal near her squad and move into position behind the enemy. Once Wraith is close enough, she can open the other end of the portal behind the opponent and then knock them into it, sending them to her teammates waiting to open fire.

This is far easier said than done, and seeing it happen successfully is pretty satisfying. However, it was so well done when it happened to Ninja that the esports legend couldn't help but be impressed. Here's why Ninja was stoked to get kidnapped in "Apex Legends."

Ninja said getting 'kidnapped' was one of the coolest things he'd seen in Apex Legends

When Ninja found himself on the wrong end of a kidnapping attempt in "Apex Legends," as captured on Reddit, he had just helped dispatch the last member of one of the three remaining teams towards the end of a match. He expressed confidence in his team's position, because while the other squad had the high ground, they were exposed and would likely have to push Ninja's team to force a victory.

The squads exchanged fire for a few seconds before Ninja noticed an opponent jumping down from the fortified platform and moving in. Without realizing it, Ninja took the bait and went to intercept the enemy around the wrong corner, only to turn around and instantly dive headfirst into a portal planted by the opposing team's Wraith.

What happens next is almost a blur as Ninja is transported to the opponent's platform and suddenly surrounded by three enemies, all of whom immediately open fire and knock him out of the game in seconds. Ninja reacts with stunned disbelief at first, but after pausing for a moment and turning to the camera in shock, says, "That was the coolest s*** I've ever seen!" Overall, the clip demonstrated a pretty masterful execution of the move at a crucial moment in a match and a graceful way to lose on the part of Ninja.