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Valkyrae And Corpse Husband Meet-Up Has Fans Going Wild

Valkyrae recently became one of the first women to co-own an esports team, 100 Thieves, but now she's also in another sort of exclusive club. Longtime friends and streamers Valkyrae and Corpse Husband have now apparently met in person for the first time, sending fans into a frenzy online. If the rumors are true, Valkyrae is one of the few streamers who has met Corpse in real life, as the notoriously private gamer and musician chooses to keep his identity a secret. Valkyrae and Corpse have been friends for quite some time, but have never met in real life — until now, it seems.

During a recent stream, Valkyrae playfully teased that she may have met Corpse. "I did meet a few people this week... I love my friends," Valkyrae said. Valkyrae continued by saying that she's thankful for her friends, and glad she can be there for them when they're going through hard times.

"And I no longer have my silver brick. That's all I'm gonna say," Valkyrae explained. As hardcore fans may know, the silver brick has been a longtime joke between Corpse and Valkyrae. Valkyrae previously ended up with a silver brick after an OfflineTV white elephant gift exhange. Corpse Husband has talked about the silver brick before, telling his friend and fellow streamer TinaKitten that he wants one. Now, it seems that he may have gotten his wish, meaning that Corpse and Valkyrae must have finally met and the brick has changed hands. 

Fans had a lot to say about the supposed interaction, demanding to know more details than the few Valkyrae gave in her stream.

Fans speculate about Valkyrae and Corpse's friendship

The internet still seems largely confused on whether or not Valkyrae and Corpse have met, and many fans want clarification. One fan tweeted, "alright @valkyrae and @Corpse_Husband enough. it's time to step up to the mic did y'all finally meet or are we being clowns." Neither streamer has officially responded to fans begging for more information, but a little internet sleuthing unlocked answers for some.

At the end of September, Valkyrae tweeted an announcement about her new line of merchandise, to which Corpse responded with an exclamation mark. Valkyrae sent a message back, asking, "SIR WOULD YOU LIKE YOURS HAND DELIVERED." Fans immediately began urging the two to meet — and for Valkyrae to deliver her silver brick along with the merch. It seems entirely possible that Valkyrae did indeed decide to pay her friend a visit with some fun gifts, but she hasn't explicitly said anything yet, nor has she recreated the infamous TikTok of Sykkuno and Corpse exchanging merchandise.

Although Valkyrae didn't provide details about where her silver brick went or who exactly she met, fans seem pretty positive that all signs point to her and Corpse finally having a chance to sit down together in real life.