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Dessyy Reveals Her Biggest Challenge - Exclusive

Growing an audience on any social media platform is difficult to work, often requiring a significant investment of time on the content creator's part. That time investment can be even more massive on streaming services like Twitch, where the live nature of its most-watched videos means that the streamer needs to literally be in front of a monitor to try and reach viewers.

Few know how complex that process can be better than Dessyy, a partnered streamer on Twitch who has been active on the platform since before the service even had its current name. As Dessy revealed during an exclusive interview with SVG, "I actually had a Twitch account since 2008 or something, when it was Justin.tv."

However, although Dessyy has a long history with the platform, the length of time she's spent with Twitch arguably isn't what helped her reach her current status — it was her commitment to creating a variety of content across an array of social media services. Here is how Dessyy built a massive audience on TikTok, as well as what she found to be her biggest challenge in creating that community.

Dessyy talks about the importance of consistency on TikTok

Despite her long history in content creation, Dessyy explained everything was taken to the next level after she began using TikTok. The app's convenient editing tools helped Dessyy overcome her most significant issue with establishing an audience: delivering regular and consistent content.

"I think the biggest challenge has been consistency," Dessy explained, "I post every day on TikTok. I post every day on Instagram, on Twitter. On YouTube, I post once a week. I'm everywhere, you know what I mean?" She noted that while constantly creating content can be demanding, the nature of platforms like TikTok and Twitter makes it a vital habit, one that must be maintained on a rather strict schedule. Dessy said, "That's how social media is. If you forget and you don't make anything for a month, people might forget about you."

When asked what strategies she used to meet the demands of that schedule, Dessyy explained how she makes sure she always had content ready to go without overextending herself. "Be consistent, but time-manage yourself well," Dessyy noted, continuing, "Don't get on there and make videos all day, every day. But instead, think of ideas throughout the week. And then, record all or half of them in one day, and then the next day."

That strategy has certainly paid off for Dessyy, who regularly reaches millions of viewers through her TikTok account. While not everyone may aspire to reach an audience quite that large, Dessyy's success shows that good time-management and commitment are vital in growing a successful channel.