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How To Beat Far Cry 6 In No Time At All

"Far Cry 6" is likely to endear itself to fans of the franchise with its beautiful graphics, compelling characters, and captivating story arc that involves the player controlling protagonist Dani Rojas in a revolution to dethrone "El Presidente” Anton Castillo, the fascist dictator of Yara. With the talents of actors Giancarlo Esposito and Anthony Gonzalez at its disposal, it's only natural to expect "Far Cry 6's" story to be an absolute banger in terms of engagement and individual performances.

But say that the revolution doesn't appeal to you and you just want to do the speedrun to end all speedruns. If this applies to you, then you're in luck. Like previous iterations of "Far Cry," the player is able to bring the story to a close in no time at all, avoiding all the drama and unlocking an unexpected and bizarre alternate ending.

After an early mission in "Far Cry 6," Dani is given a boat by fellow Yaran guerrilla soldiers Clara Garcia and Juan Cortez. This offering is part of a previous promise made by Clara to Dani regarding escaping the island. Dani is skeptical, as Yaran rebels are typically the "blood in, blood out" type — any and all people who leave the outfit are at risk of being compromised by dictator Anton Castillo and his subordinates, and can sell them out to this oppressive government. Regardless, Clara and Juan allow Dani, a celebrated member of the armed militia, to leave on their own accord. Following this moment, you can trigger the secret ending of "Far Cry 6."

Skip Far Cry 6 by taking the boat

Of course, the player is expected to stick to Dani's inherent desire to bring about the end of Castillo's reign of terror and rejoin the fight to liberate Yara, and this intended choice is required to experience "Far Cry 6" in full. However, the option to escape the island altogether is available to you as well — and the method to doing this is relatively easy to find.

Immediately after the cutscene ends, an objective will pop up instructing the player speak with Juan. This obviously progresses the game's story further. But if fighting a fictional war on a fictional island doesn't appeal to you, you can totally make a run for it. To do this, simply turn towards the boat, board it, and fire it up. Once you begin driving the boat, turn it 180 degrees to the opposite direction and go through the small passage directly ahead of you.

What is the secret ending of Far Cry 6?

After quickly guiding the boat through the passage, the screen will fade to black and jump three months into the future. Dani is seen soaking in some rays on a Miami beach, enjoying a cold beverage. As Dani relaxes in the sun, a news report is heard over the radio saying that Castillo and his forces have killed Clara, crippling the Yaran resistance and ending the war. The news initially catches Dani off-guard, but they move on, determined to enjoy their new life without conflict. And, that's it. You've "completed" the game.

If this kind of "Nope, I'm out" ending appeals to you, YouTube channel MKIceandFire has posted a full walkthrough showing how to find it. And even if players are dedicated to experiencing the whole game — which might take you a while to beat — the secret ending might be worth it for achievement hunters, as it unlocks the "Hidden In Plain Sight" trophy (per True Achievements).