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Meet Cloakzy's Girlfriend, Alexia Raye

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Pro "Fortnite" gamer Cloakzy has made quite the name for himself. Through streaming battle royale showdowns on YouTube and Twitch, the 25-year-old star has amassed millions of followers. He's a former FaZe Clan member, and though there was some drama around his exit from the notorious esports org, it seems he avoided further scandals, which caused some fans to blast FaZe Clan, by dipping out when he did. Though FaZe wasn't the right fit, Cloakzy still stays connected to other streamers, including Dr Disrespect, who he's willing to risk it all for.


Given his position in the spotlight and the focus that's been put on his relationships, it's no surprise that fans want to know more about a particularly special person in Cloazky's life, his girlfriend Alexia Raye. The pair have been together for at least three years, judging by their first post as a couple shared by Cloakzy in August 2018 for National Girlfriend Day. Though Alexia has made jokes in the past to assure fans that yes, the two are still together, it's also been confirmed through their most recent picture together, shared in September 2021.

So, what makes Cloakzy and Alexia Raye such a great match for each other? As you'll soon learn, Alexia has a lot in common with her boyfriend, plus many interests that are all her own. Without further adieu, it's time to get to know Cloakzy's girlfriend, Alexia Raye.


From biochem student to full-time content creator

Alexia and Cloakzy both share a love of content creation. Add to that the fact that much of Alexia's content is gaming-focused and you've got a recipe for relationship success. But many don't realize that before she stepped into the spotlight, Alexia was a biochem student. As she wrote on her website, "After studying biochemistry at UAB, I became a full time content creator."


Things have really taken off for Alexia since she left school. As of October 2021, Alexia has over 300,000 followers on Twitch and Instagram, plus over 200,000 on TikTok and over 100,000 on both Twitter and YouTube. As if that's not impressive enough, she had some success on Vine in the old days. In addition to streaming a wide variety of games, including her favorites like "Apex Legends," "New World," "Minecraft," and "Pokémon," Alexia posts other fun content like trend tryouts and cooking videos. On top of keeping her own fans entertained, Alexia has appeared in Cloakzy's videos to play "Fortnite" together and share their story of moving in with each other.

Clearly, Alexia has a variety of streaming talents, but she also has a few interesting hobbies off the camera.  


Alexia's plant-based recipes are top-notch

Alexia's a woman of many hats, one of which is her chef's hat. If you're hungry, a visit to Alexia's website will bring you plenty of cooking inspiration. According to her bio and FAQ, Alexia aims to "bring fun back into cooking" with nutritious and tasty plant-based recipes.


Even if you're not plant-based or vegan yourself, Alexia's recipes might still appeal to you. When developing them, she gathers "bluntly honest criticism" from her omnivorous and "very picky friends." In her words, "All foods are meat eater approved! You can enjoy plant based meals without being plant based yourself."

Alexia uses the term plant-based instead of vegan since the latter term captures "an ideology that extends beyond food." The gamer chef's avoidance of meat and dairy is health-motivated and inspired by her dad, Ray Cronise. He's got almost 10 years of experience researching food nutrition, and his book, podcast, and research have all impacted Alexia's passion for plant-based cooking.


Alexia's recipes are creative, thorough, easy to follow, and full of mouth-watering food photography. A quick look at yummy dishes like her Krabby Patties or Honey Barbecue Cauliflower will more than likely inspire your cooking pursuits. You can also check out some of her dishes on TikTok.

Alexia's many interests know no bounds

If you haven't already realized it by now, Alexia truly knows no limits when it comes to both her career success and her personal interests. When she's not sharing her gaming and cooking pursuits with her fans, the star stays busy with all types of fun.


One of Alexia's most loved companions is her cat Bunsen. Much to the delight of her feline-loving fans, Alexia shares adorable photos and videos of the leopard-like cat from time to time that are more than likely to melt your heart.

On and off camera, you can often find Alexia drinking coffee by the pool or going for a swim. She's got a knack for drawing, and she loves to travel. She's shared videos of her trips to Hawaii and the Swiss Alps to name a few. Her adventures are well-documented, and whether she's flying in a zero gravity plane or biking with her boyfriend, Alexia has a zest for life that knows no limits.