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Cloakzy Wants To Risk It All For Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect might not be allowed back on Twitch, but his spirit certainly lives on in his friends and fans. Twitch streamer Cloakzy is one of said friends, and he has apparently reached a limit to how much Dr Disrespect he's willing to give up in his life. Cloak recently said on stream that he misses streaming with the Doc enough to risk a Twitch ban.

"Z didn't get banned, so I'm thinking," he said. "I stream with Doc and the worst thing that happens is I get banned for two weeks...or a month?" These plans go against the platform's community guidelines, which specifically say that it's prohibited to "knowingly feature or advertise a suspended user."

Cloakzy mentioned the fact that ZLaner, Doc's "Warzone" partner, managed to dodge a ban after streaming with the Two-Time Champion earlier in September. However, ZLaner's situation may not be the most reliable baseline, considering Twitch also allegedly banned him from a tournament for his Dr Disrespect cosplay. The stakes surrounding the situation seem to be higher than ever, too. After all, Dr Disrespect just dropped a bombshell about suing Twitch earlier this month.

Even so, Cloakzy wasn't concerned about a possible ban. Instead, he filled in viewers about his potential plans to stream with the Doc and what he could do in case of a ban. 

Cloakzy gets what he wants either way

Cloakzy doesn't see a Twitch ban as a dramatic setback. In his eyes, it's more of an excuse for a vacation, if it even happens. In that case, it's a win either way. On one hand, Cloak gets to play games with Doc on Twitch without getting banned. On the other, if he plays with Doc and gets banned, then he simply takes a few weeks off his full-time streaming schedule. 

"I have two weeks or a month off of streaming, and then I come back a month later," Cloakzy explained. In that time, he said, he can vacation someplace like Bora Bora. And to be fair, it's hard to imagine that Cloakzy would never be able to come back to Twitch, considering how popular he is.

Cloakzy and Doc go way back, before the latter's Twitch ban. In fact, they used to regularly stream "Call of Duty: Warzone" together before the Doc jumped to YouTube. As noted by fans on Reddit, Doc has apparently mentioned how he missed streaming with his old gang, so this would likely be a nice reunion for the both of them. Cloakzy hasn't revealed when (or if) he plans to stream with the Doc, but he's got a plan ready just in case things get intense.