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Amouranth Reacts To Latest Twitch Ban

Amouranth is arguably one of the most controversial streamers on the internet. She's no stranger to Twitch bans, and she's recently done something that's caused her to be banned on multiple platforms. On October 8, the streamer was banned from Twitch, Instagram, and TikTok, seemingly with no explanation as to why.


Since she was banned on multiple different platforms, Amouranth took to YouTube to address her fans. While Amouranth revealed the real reason she was banned in June, she pointed out that she's a little confused about this ban, and she genuinely doesn't understand why she was banned across a variety of platforms. Despite not knowing the reasons behind the ban, Amouranth shared that she thought the timing was a bit weird — Facebook, which owns Instagram, and Twitch both get hacked recently and now she's banned.

While Amouranth said a lot in the video, it's worth noting that she had an air of sarcasm throughout most of it. For example, she called her content "family friendly" multiple times, pointedly staring into the camera each time she made the claim. While the reason for the ban was unclear, things aren't looking too great for Amouranth's future on Twitch.


Could Amouranth be banned permanently?

At the beginning of Amouranth's YouTube video, she played a clip from fellow streamer Mizkif's stream that discussed her ban. In the clip, Mizkif pointed out that he believed this will be her last strike with Twitch. The full Twitch clip from Mizkif explained a bit more of his reasoning. Apparently, when he was hanging out with Amouranth, she mentioned that she had one more strike before the platform would drop her entirely. Now, after yet another ban, the streamer may not be able to return.


While Amouranth has a shady side, Twitch can also be shady, and the latter may have been the case in Amouranth's latest ban. Just two months ago, the platform made new rules to let streamers know what content they're being banned for. However, it doesn't look like Amouranth knows what happened to cause the ban at all.

While there's plenty of speculation as to which content of hers was problematic, Twitch itself didn't comment on the situation. Only time will tell if Amouranth is let back on the platform, and in the meantime, her fans can find her content on YouTube.