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Bloodborne's Patches The Spider Is More Terrifying In Real Life

One of the untold truths of FromSoftware's Soulsborne games is that all of them revolve around atmospheric storytelling. Each is set in a rich tapestry with its own complex mythology that makes clever use of its NPCs without slowing down the gameplay. One of the things that makes each of these characters stand out so much is their unique designs and how they seem tailored to their environment. The incredibly difficult boss battles might be memorable due to the frustrating nature of the encounters, but even the easiest boss fights in "Bloodborne" and "Dark Souls" still manage to stand out because of the care and effort that went into their design.

This is one of the things that fans really appreciate about the games and it's why there's so much fanart of the characters out there. Searching the "Bloodborne" tag on Deviant Art yields thousands of artist renditions of the game's various settings and characters in all kinds of different styles, but there's something unique about physical media. That's why an artist's sculpture of Patches the Spider which recently surfaced on Reddit seems even more terrifying than the beloved creepy character did in the game.

Patches comes to life

Patches the Spider (AKA Patches the Hyena and Trusty Patches) is an NPC that has been a part of the soulsborne universe since the very beginning and is one of the few characters to have spanned multiple FromSoft series, having made appearances in "Demon's Souls" and the "Dark Souls" games before being reintroduced as a spider in "Bloodborne." Patches typically promises the character treasure, only to lure them into some kind of trap. Of course, Patches never seems incredibly trustworthy, and he always appears a bit creepy in conversation.

Reddit user CaptainClayface recently posted a thread featuring several images of their new sculpture of the smiling spider, captioned, "This is what I do friend...sculpture by me." The statue warped patches features even further, giving them a Tim Burton-like gothic quality. The comments section is full of art aficionados praising the creepy little spider. Crumbsplash wrote, "seen a lot of awesome fan art on here, but this is truly one of my favorites! Amazing," and mybrot stated, "how could you not forgive a face like that? I'm sure he's sorry."

The sculpture was sold on Etsy, where the materials and dimensions were also listed. The statue was made of polymer clay on a wooden base and was painted with acrylic. Patches isn't quite life-sized — coming in at 4"x8"x8" — but still seems large enough to startle any unwary guests who might stumble across him.