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How To Unlock Metroid Dread's Hard Mode

The long-awaited "Metroid Dread" was finally released in October 2021, and fans and critics alike had great things to say about the action-adventure game. There have been a ton of questions surrounding "Metroid Dread" both before and after it came out, and one question people have is how to unlock Hard Mode.


"Metroid Dread" offers players a chance to play the game on Hard Mode in order to experience more challenging enemies and circumstances. For some, the increased difficulty offers a way to keep things fresh, and considering that it only takes about 12 hours to beat "Metroid Dread," some fans are already prepared to up the stakes in a new playthrough. 

While some things aren't looking good for "Metroid Dread," such as the already-completed and controversial emulated version of the game, Hard Mode is definitely a perk for some players. However, it isn't something that just pops up from the very beginning. Players will actually need to unlock Hard Mode — and this is how to do it.

Unlocking Hard Mode

Unlocking Hard Mode isn't exactly an easy task. You'll have to prove yourself by completing the game on Normal Mode first, according to YouTuber Kofi.

This doesn't mean players have to complete the game at 100% on Normal Mode — they just have to roll credits and see the ending of the game. This gives fans a great way to enjoy the game a second time while still having a different experience.


However, once the game ends, gamers don't have to play Hard Mode. Players can always load up an old save and try to 100% the game without traversing into the higher difficulty. This is a great option for completionists who aren't interested in boosted enemies and sinking more time into another playthrough.

Ultimately, Hard Mode is a great choice for players who want to challenge themselves in the world of "Metroid Dread." Going into a new playthrough with knowledge of how the game works can only set Samus up for success.