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This Last Of Us TV Show Leak Has Fans Going Wild

The HBO-produced "The Last of Us" TV show is well into production in Alberta, Canada, and some local residents have been able to snap pictures of the sets and one of the show's biggest stars. Fans were excited when HBO and Naughty Dog shared the first official look at "Game of Thrones" actors Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie, but that image only showed the backs of both actors. 


Now, two "Last of Us" fan accounts on Twitter have been sharing images from people in the area of filming, one of which actually includes Pascal facing the camera in full costume. This image doesn't offer too much since Pascal is wearing a face mask, but it does confirm that his outfit in the show is almost identical to Joel's from the original game.

Most of the other photos show various filming locations and sets, including a street full of beaten-down and overgrown cars. The rest of the set photos show a post-apocalyptic environment that is very true to the world of the first game. The vast majority of environments in "The Last of Us" were cities overgrown with nature and partially destroyed, so these set photos further confirm that the 10-episode first season of "The Last of Us"  will be aesthetically similar to the games. So how did fans react to getting a good look at the highly anticipated adaptation?


Fans react to HBO's The Last of Us

While the image of Pascal doesn't show his entire face, people are still very excited about his upcoming performance as Joel, as well as how similar he looks to the character — aside from one obscured feature. "He looks a lot like Joel here, but it sorta looks like he doesn't have a beard," tweeted one fan.


It is hard to tell if Pascal has a beard in the image. However, it's worth noting that Joel's beard was a bit more trim in the first game. Considering the number of photos that are being shared of the set, it's only a matter of time before fans get a good look at Pascal's face in the role. 

Others have praised the set design for being an accurate rendition of the video games, including one Twitter user who commented, "If I didn't know better, I'd have thought these were screenshots from the game itself. The set designers have done an AMAZING job, BRAVO!!"

While the reactions to the set and Pascal's costuming were largely positive, people still have some concerns about the show. A few Redditors have noted some skepticism regarding Bella Ramsey's casting as Ellie, who did not appear in any of the photos taken. However, it looks like the show is aiming to look as close to the show as possible.


The premiere of "The Last of Us" HBO show is still a bit far off, so there will be plenty of time for more set photos and trailers showing off the characters.