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Twitch's Most Successful Streamers Are Getting A Video Game

One of Twitch's most popular channels might be expanding into the world of video games. Critical Role, the very successful Dungeons & Dragons show made up of a group of voice actors, is apparently in early discussions to license a video game based on the fantasy world it created for the show. In an extended interview with Variety, an agent that works with Critical Role mentioned that the group was in talks with different developers and publishers about collaborating on a video game, but no specifics were given. Cast member Liam O'Brien said that making video games "takes forever, especially if you want it to be something great."

While Critical Role seems intent on working with an established developer and publisher, this isn't the first instance of streamers looking to make video games. Earlier this year, Dr Disrespect announced that he was starting a video game development studio, focused on making AA/AAA games in collaboration with popular content creators. Creating a video game feels like a natural next step for Critical Role, considering the majority of the cast has voice acted in multiple game titles. However, video games aren't the only projects the cast has planned.

Critical Role is building a D&D-inspired empire

While it sounds like a Critical Role video game is years away, the D&D group has plenty of other projects in near future. As reported by Variety, in addition to premiering its third campaign soon, Critical Role also has an animated show in production with Amazon. "The Legend of Vox Machina" originally started as a Kickstarter project to make a one-off special, but the project got the attention of Amazon, resulting in a full show based on the first Critical Role campaign. "The Legend of Vox Machina" will be a 22-minute animated show, complete with all of the violence, cursing, and sexual situations that were present in the original campaign run.

It was revealed in the recent Twitch hack that Critical Role was the Twitch channel with the highest payout from the streaming company since August 2019. In addition to earning millions from Twitch, Critical Role also has a deal with Wizards of the Coast — the owners of D&D — for licensing and merchandise, although Critical Role maintains the rights to any characters or stories it tells in the show. It seems as though Critical Role is focused on taking over the entertainment world, one platform at a time.