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Dr Disrespect's Studio Announcement Is Turning Heads

One of the streaming's most divisive and competitive personalities, Dr Disrespect, recently posted a job listing looking for someone to take the lead on an unusually collaborative project. Yes, the Doc is apparently looking to start up his studio to create video games in partnership with other influencers. Needless to say, this unexpected move has been attracting a lot of attention.


Dr Disrespect's new venture was first revealed on Twitter, where he announced that he was "Looking for a Studio Head that's going to change the game." The tweet linked to a job listing for said gaming studio head on his website, Champions Club

The listing offers interested parties more specifics about Dr Disrespect's ambitions for founding a new "AA/AAA studio." The Doc's new studio aims to "forge a partnership with a select list of mega influencers and then work closely with them to launch their dream gaming title."

While this new project seems to be at a very early stage, despite the Doc's teases concerning a possible battle royale game, the concept of working with specific influencers to design a game around their unique visions has people talking. Here is what people have been saying about Dr Disrespect's new game studio dreams.


Dr Desrespect's studio has been mentioned by other streamers and social media influencers

It isn't entirely clear if the "select list of mega influencers" that the job listing describes is already in place or if that is something that the new game studio head will help develop. Either way, plenty of influencers and content creators have already made their interest in the project clear.


Perhaps the most prominent streaming name to offer an official response was Dr Disrespect's "Call of Duty: Warzone" partner, ZLaner, who tweeted, "This is incredible Doc." Fans were excited to see ZLaner's response, such as @mgdavis85, who imagined ZLaner as a potential co-CEO for the studio. "PUBG: Battlegrounds" streamer Wackyjacky101 similarly voiced his support for the project in a tweet, praising Dr Disrespect's high production values for his stream and stating, "I cannot wait to see where this goes! Huge."

It wasn't just fellow streamers who were excited about the possibilities for Dr Disrespect's new game studio. Adam Apicella, Esports Engine co-founder and former esports operations VP at Activision Blizzard, acknowledged the announcement with a simple "Sup." Another former esports operations manager with Activision Blizzard, Alex Volk, also made it known that he would be happy to offer his services to help the new studio grow.


Starting a new game studio is a significant challenge, but Dr Disrespect actually has experience in game development, thanks to his former gig as a level designer for Sledgehammer Games. If he could find a way to connect that experience with his massive audience and input from other streamers, then maybe his new studio could create something truly unique.