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The World Is Playing Doom On Twitter

"Doom," the foundational first-person shooter from id Software that kicked off one of the most important franchises in the history of gaming, has also become one of the most widely ported titles available today. From legitimate ports like the Nintendo Switch edition to hacked pregnancy tests and even a potato-powered Raspberry Pi Zero, it seems like anything and everything can run "Doom." Now the shooter has found a new platform: Twitter.


Thanks to Tweet2Doom, gamers can now play the FPS without needing any sort of traditional controller. Instead, you can visit Tweet2Doom, enter a series of commands as a reply to a thread, and then receive a video from the account of your orders being executed in-game.

The videos created only show the final ten seconds of gameplay, making an already tricky proposition even more difficult as you try to guide Doomguy safely through the initial levels. Even starting a game requires rather comprehensive knowledge of the menu structure and layout of the 28-year-old title  initially designed to run on MS-DOS. Here is how fans around the world are learning to play "Doom" through their Twitter accounts.


Use basic commands to navigate classic Doom levels

While those who want to play "Doom" on social media will have to learn a few new tricks to control their space marine, Tweet2Doom presents a remarkably authentic replication of the iconic shooter.

As outlined in the instructions, Tweet2Doom allows you to enter a series of keyboard commands that the bot behind the account performs in the game engine. Once in a game, things get even more complex, as you must create a series of control inputs to direct the character while telling the FPS how many frames to advance to perform a specific action, such as moving or firing a weapon.


Because each command is entered as a reply to a Tweet2Doom thread, players can work together to try and find the winning combination of orders to help Doomguy escape with his life. Of course, this being the internet, some dedicated individuals have already cracked the code, with one thread completing the first mission in just 11 seconds.

The levels of "Doom" get increasingly complex, and beating the entire title is a challenge that fans are still working towards. The developers seem to think that a whole run is highly possible, however, and gamers now have another interesting variation to share on It Runs Doom!