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Replaced - What We Know So Far

It's not every day one stumbles across a game that describes itself as a "retro-futuristic action thriller," let alone one fleshed out in 2.5D in this day and age. Meet "Replaced," the upcoming sci-fi platformer that promises to defy expectations and modern gaming norms in a feat of dystopian, technological thrill. This game was announced via a trailer during E3 2021 in June, and already, there's quite a lot of information available about it to help potential players get in the know.


That being said, there's also still plenty more to learn. For gamers who enjoy a little throwback fun combined with a psychologically engaging plot, "Replaced" is poised to please. There are some apparent similarities to popular titles like "Detroit: Become Human," where lines between humans and robots are blurred, and "Cyberpunk 2077," the glitchy yet successful sci-fi. That being said, it's clear that "Replaced" will have a unique flavor that's all its own.

So, what exactly has been revealed about "Replaced" so far? All the details are here, starting with some surprisingly solid information about its release date, trailer, and gameplay.

What is the release date for Replaced?

Right from the get-go, gamers got a clear release window for "Replaced," which was revealed through the announcement trailer. The upcoming title will be released sometime during 2022. That means it will be available anywhere within 6 to 18 months of its original announcement. As for any details more specific than that, the developer and publisher have yet to nail down anything more definitive.


"Replaced" is being developed by Sad Cat Studios and published by Coatsink. Developer Sad Cat Studios is "a diverse team...from different places and industries" located in Belarus. "Replaced" will be the team's first game, so it has the potential to make or break the company's reputation as a studio. Meanwhile, Coatsink is a UK-based indie publisher that's been in business since 2009 working on titles including "Jurassic World Aftermath" and "Transformers: Battlegrounds."

When "Replaced" drops in 2022, players can enjoy the title on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Is there a trailer for Replaced?

The announcement trailer for "Replaced" opens with a retro red loading bar and other computer-style fonts. A blinking red dot on the black background transitions to take the place of a red moon in the sky above a dark forest at night. Through the windblown trees, viewers see characters who look both monstrous and robotic running, or perhaps being chased. Cut to ominous wires and more red computer fonts that are interspersed with more footage of a character with Frankenstein-like green skin running ahead in chase.


Behind the running green character is something mysterious, red, and glowing in the distance. Next, there's a cut to a close-up of someone's face with fire reflected in the eyes and a red light illuminating their frightened appearance. Slow, ominous music cues up as a bearded character walks through various dilapidated industrial landscapes, alongside occasional others heading in the same direction.

The trailer's protagonist arrives at a train with others aboard but is attacked before boarding. They counterstrike and kill the enemy, and are next seen scaling a hotel sign as the action ramps up with more brief combat scenes. Cut to the bold protagonist riding on top of a train, traversing through the cityscape, and fighting more enemies quickly until the game's title is finally revealed, along with the 2022 release window, website, and console info. In addition to this trailer, there's also a short original soundtrack trailer as well as a four-minute music preview.


What will Replaced's gameplay be like?

Since the trailers for "Replaced" reveal a cinematic look at the game, it's hard to pick up on specific gameplay elements or piece together all of the briefly teased plot points. Luckily, the game's official site spells out a few more features players can expect.


In "Replaced," players take on the role of R.E.A.C.H., "an artificial intelligence trapped in a human body against its own will." The game is set during the 1980's in Phoenix-City, though it's unclear whether or not this setting has any relation to the real-world city of Phoenix, Arizona. As for the time period, players can expect a fictional take on the reimagined decade.

The "deep engaging dystopian story" of "Replaced" will artfully weave together "cinematic platformer, pixel art, and free-flow action combat" elements. Mysteries will be boundless as the R.E.A.C.H. AI adjusts to its mortal form in a cruel world "ruled by corruption and greed." As for the enemies calling the shots, they "see humans and their organs as nothing more than just currency." Based on what's been revealed so far, "Replaced" looks to be a unique title that will likely pique the curiosity of gamers who love multiple genres.