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Far Cry 6 Emails Have Fans In An Uproar

"Far Cry 6" might be added to the list of games that are pushing too hard to retain their player base. Brendan Sinclair, Managing Editor at GameIndustry.biz, recently tweeted about a promotional email he received accusing him of not putting enough hours into "Far Cry 6." Others then chimed in with their thoughts about these aggressive (and apparently annoying) marketing campaigns.

"A lot of games are already ruthlessly designed to maximize engagement, but now they email and hassle you if you dare to stop playing them," Sinclair wrote. Sinclair shared the email he received in his tweet. The email read "You disappoint me" with a direct address to the purchaser in the title. "Surely you can do better than this," Anton Castillo said in the ad. He also explained to the player that "Yara is in capable hands" as the email highlighted the shamefully low playtime invested in the game. Sure, the message sounded demeaning, but many seemed more annoyed that they received the email in the first place, as it's only part of a larger trend in game marketing.

Gamers have had enough of email marketing

Some thought Ubisoft went too far in general in order to retain players, especially considering that it sent emails to those actively playing the game, too. Instead of a condescending monologue, Castillo warned the player that he will keep his hands on Yara despite their progress. These emails updated players on how many kills and capture points they acquired through their playthrough. Some people admitted to appreciating these emails, though many had a different take. "Normalize letting people stop playing a game if they're not enjoying it," Sinclair commented under his tweet. Many seemed to agree with this sentiment.

Many games, especially gacha and live service games, send notifications of some sort in an attempt to engage with their player bases. It's not unheard of for RPGs to do the same, but "Far Cry 6" might be the first in a while to strike a chord with netizens. One commenter also pointed out that just adding the game from Ubisoft Connect might automatically sign players up for these emails, which is another frustrating part of the process.

Thankfully, players can unsubscribe from these reminders at any time. If you happen to want to play "Far Cry 6" (with or without emails), you can do so on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Critics were mixed with their reviews on the game, but it only takes about 20 hours to judge for yourself.