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Streamer Goes Public With Twitch's Failure To Pay Up

For years, Twitch has been the first name in video game streaming and is home to some of the biggest personalities in gaming, many of whom are making a killing and have become insanely rich. However, Twitch also has a rather shady history, especially after a bombshell leak that put several of its accounts in serious danger. And now, one streamer on the platform is claiming that they have yet to be paid earnings that are due to them.

On October 25, streamer Sohba posted on her Twitter page that Twitch had yet to pay her for the earnings she's accrued while using the platform. In a post that tagged Twitch's support page, Sohba said that Twitch was withholding her payout due to "suspicious activity" on her account, and that the platform would not grant her access to possibly fix the issue. "I've been put in circles to contact twitch support," Sobha said on Twitter. "[B]ut [I am] receiving no response. Are you just gonna ignore the issue until it goes away?"

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Sohba expressed frustration with the process of regaining access to her funds. "Maybe I can't get your attention as I'm not a big streamer, but this is interfering with small streamers' livelihood," Sohba continued. "I notice it's not just me going through this. Not only that, but it's unfair to my community who were trying to support me only to have their money stolen." Thankfully, fans weren't going to let that happen, and quickly came to help Sohba out of a dark situation.

An outpouring of support led to Sohba's issue being resolved

As she noted, Sohba doesn't have a huge platform. At the time of the complaint, she only had amassed a little over 4,000 followers on Twitch. But despite her channel not being as prominent as others', people on Twitter and Reddit expressed near-unanimous support for Sohba. Twitter user @RogueRaiden47 asked Twitch, "Don't you want to retain your streamers or is Facebook gonna be the better platform?" Another user on Twitter, @SammayTV, threatened to move to YouTube if the situation wasn't resolved.

Luckily, this story seems to be on the brink of a resolution. On the morning of October 26, Sohba posted a response from Twitch stating that she would be granted access to her account. Sohba expressed gratitude to the Twitter and Reddit communities that helped her in getting the issue addressed by Twitch, saying "Thank you for lending me some of your power twitter/reddit (sic)" before joking that she was not an "international drug dealer".