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Corpse Husband Stars In New Dying Light 2 Film

While Techland's upcoming survival horror entry "Dying Light 2" was one of the many games delayed by the coronavirus, it seems that things are back on track for its February 2022 release. With the launch date just around the corner, the developers have begun sharing content teasing the new title's story and its broken world, including one starring the internet's favorite baritone storyteller, Corpse Husband.

While the game looks like its finally on the home stretch, the lack of communication between Techland and fans had some worried that "Dying Light 2" might never see a full release. Beyond that, an investigative report by TheGamer indicated that "Dying Light 2" might be in serious trouble when the company came under scrutiny for an alleged toxic work environment. However, it seems that the team has moved past those hurdles, and a steady stream of new YouTube videos highlighting the game's mechanics and lore is a testament to the progress that Techland has made.

Beginning with an Ask Me Anything video posted in April, the developers have provided clips demonstrating the new gameplay mechanics, enemies, and settings players will encounter in "Dying Light 2." A recent highlight of that content has been storytelling audio clips, which led to a short animated film starring Corpse Husband titled "The Jonah."

The Jonah is the latest in a series of Dying Light 2 stories

When Techland released "Dying Light" in 2015, it introduced gamers to a unique blend of open-world mechanics and parkour-based movement that helped the project stand out. According to Polygon, the sequel debuts a dynamic narrative crafted by "Fallout: New Vegas" and "Planescape: Torment" veteran Chris Avellone, in which players take on the role of Aiden Caldwell and try to unite the title's many factions.

In the run-up to the 2022 launch date, Techland continues to highlight the expansive story players will uncover in "Dying Light 2." So far, most of those clips have been audio histories about specific characters such as Dedrick, a father searching for his daughter, Antigone, a woman who lost her husband to the virus, and Rosemary, a missing girl who haunts the survivors of the European city in which the game takes place.

The newest video shared on the "Dying Light" YouTube channel takes these clips to a new level by fully animating the tale and enlisting the help of YouTube sensation Corpse Husband. While Corpse Husband's role in "The Jonah" at first seems to be that of a narrator telling the story, it is soon revealed that the deep-voiced streamer is actually playing the main character.

The Jonah tells a tale of superstition and mistrust

In "The Jonah," viewers hear Corpse Husband telling a tale in a style not unlike the scary stories that helped the YouTuber get his start. As the short film begins, a panicked man searches for shelter while being pursued by a terrifying monster. He soon comes across a safe house filled with survivors, including the storyteller played by Corpse Husband, a blind, middle-aged man.

What follows is an account imbued with superstition, whose meaning seems to play out in real-time as the recently admitted survivor is accused of being the Jonah, a man whose infectious bad luck spreads rapidly. Warning his fellow survivors of the dangers that a Jonah can bring, the blind man relates a story from his past as a Nightrunner, a faction in "Dying Light 2" that seems to take advantage of the game's parkour-inspired movement.

Of course, as a prelude to a survival horror game, the storytelling session doesn't last for long. Zombies soon attack the survivors — apparently attracted by the presence of the red-bearded man who stormed into their shelter.

Corpse Husband has long narrated the internet's scariest stories

It would be hard for Techland to find a better star for "The Jonah" than Corpse Husband. He became an internet sensation on the strength of his distinctive, deep voice. which he has often used to tell scary stories on his YouTube channel.

Corpse Husband has posted videos of himself reading creepy tales collected from the internet since at least 2015. While his content has turned more towards music and video game streaming lately, it remains a defining part of his persona. Corpse has never publicly shared an image of his face, but he has lent his voice to other creative endeavors before, such as when he guest-starred on Machine Gun Kelly's track "Daywalker!"

All in all, "The Jonah" is an exciting new collaboration between Corpse Husband and the highly anticipated "Dying Light 2" that arrives just in time for Halloween. Fans of the enigmatic online personality, survival horror games, and spooky stories can check out "The Jonah" and more on the "Dying Light" YouTube channel.