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Nadeshot Makes A Bold Claim About Valkyrae's Beauty Scandal

Popular streamer and 100 Thieves co-owner Valkyrae has had a tumultuous couple of weeks. She announced that she would be the face of a new skincare brand, RFLCT, which emphasizes protection from blue light, causing a massive backlash from a skeptical public. Fellow 100 Thieves co-owner and founder Nadeshot has come out in support of Valkyrae with a bold statement about the reaction to the product launch.

When Valkyrae announced the launch of RFLCT in a now-deleted tweet on October 19, the controversial product went viral almost immediately, but not in the way that the streamer or the brand would have hoped. In a glitzy promotional video on RFLCT's YouTube channel, the streamer claimed that all the time she spent in front of a screen was "taking a toll" on her skin. However, her fans soon pointed out that there were no conclusive studies that indicate blue light can do measurable damage to skin, and soon Valkyrae even admitted that some of the hate being sent towards RFLCT was warranted.

The entire situation has led to gamers accusing RFLCT of being a little more than a scam intended to fix a pretend problem. Some have even accused Valkyrae of manipulating her audience. However, Nadeshot feels that this reaction is unfair, misrepresentative of Valkyrie's character, and an example of the internet at its worst. Here is the bold claim Nadeshot made about Valkyrae's ongoing skincare line scandal.

Nadeshot believes that Valkyrae was a 'target' for everyone in the gaming industry

On the October 28 episode of The Courage and Nadeshot Podcast, Will Neff gingerly brought up the issue, noting that they could cut the conversation out of the broadcast if it hit too close to home for the fellow 100 Thieves co-owner Nadeshot. However, when Neff made his opinion on the matter known, it became clear that the three agreed on their assessment of the situation.

Neff noted an odd disconnect between the products that the beauty industry sells and the backlash to Valkyrae's RFLCT launch. Neff explained, "I honestly think that the outrage is inflated, right? How many f***ing beauty products are anti-aging?" Neff went on to note that it seemed that the internet had collectively decided to focus on Valkyrae, observing, "I just hate that it became the vogue thing to do to just like, take shots at a person who has been a pretty decent human being the entirety of her career."

Nadeshot enthusiastically agreed, explaining that Neff had perfectly captured his feelings on the matter. He then observed, "The beauty industry is a multi-billion, billion, billion-dollar industry, and it has been and always will be." Nadeshot continued, "I think Rae was basically just a target. Everybody just had her in their crosshairs because everybody in the gaming industry just looks every single week to find something that they're going to mad about."