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The Real Reason Emiru Made This Twitch Streamer Cry

While it can be all too easy to focus on the shady side of Twitch and its sometimes volatile userbase, the fact is that platform is a remarkable place for people to connect and share their passion for gaming. A recent Twitch raid from Emiru showed just how much of an impact a little effort can have, as her unexpected gift of hundreds of new followers left a Twitch streamer in tears.

Emiru is known for many things, including cosplay, but she's never made her fellow streamers cry before. The "League of Legends" streamer is widely recognized for her entertaining presence on camera and gaming skills, the combination of which earned her a spot on the Cloud9 esports organization. However, one of the things that really sets Emiru apart is her incredible talents as a cosplayer. In fact, Emiru's efforts cosplaying "League of Legends" characters even inspired the artwork for a new character in-game, Gwen.

All of those factors, from her dedicated streaming schedule to her well-maintained Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok social media channels, have helped earn Emiru a pretty respectable following on Twitch. So when she decided to drop in on Zarej_'s feed, her fans followed, and the results were pretty heartwarming. Here is the real reason that Emiru made this Twitch streamer cry.

Zarej_ fought back tears of joy after Emiru and her fans dropped by

Small but consistent streamer Zarej_ who focuses on "Apex Legends," with some "League of Legends" and "Valorant" thrown in for good measure, was in the middle of a casual match when she noticed a surge in viewers. While Zarej_ doesn't reach the largest audience, she had amassed a few hundred followers since she began streaming and often had viewer counts in the double digits.

As captured on Twitch, Zarej_ quickly realized that there was something more going on than just a random uptick in viewers. At first, Zarej_ made an effort to welcome her new viewers, but was quickly overwhelmed by the thousands of new eyes on her channel. As she tried to figure out just what was happening, one of her fellow streamers observed, "I... yeah, I think you just got raided!"

It turns out that Emiru had chosen to host Zarej_'s channel. While only a tiny portion of the hundreds of thousands of viewers who tuned in to watch Emiru's speedrunning Twitch stream made it to the smaller channel, the impact was still massive. At one point, Zarej_'s fellow streamers noted that the channel had broken 10,000 viewers.

Zarej_ ended up leaving her game of "Apex Legends" and was soon so overcome with emotion that while her friends tried to calm her down, she exclaimed, "I'm not crying! Guys, I swear I'm not lame!" It seems that plenty of her new fans agreed, as her total follower count is now well over 1,300.