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Why You Can't Get Too Close To The Aliens In GTA Online

In line with the game's past events updates, "GTA Online" has been engaging players with its newest Halloween update, which will continue to feature Halloween-themed content until November 3. Between killer clowns and phantom cars being added as part of this holiday event, "Grand Theft Auto Online" has been thoroughly enjoyable for many players in the past week and a half. And as of this past weekend, Rockstar Games added another fun element to further the chaos players can experience.

Just days after reported sightings of what looked to be a weird planet off in the distance, "GTA Online" added UFOs to the game's skies. Initially, these UFOs would disappear if one got too close. But now, they seem to be making Los Santos' skyline home as they no longer disappear when a player approaches them. However, players shouldn't expect this to help them get any closer than they could before due to this one feature.

The UFOs in GTA Online will hit players with an EMP before they get too close

Despite the UFOs now becoming semi-permanent fixtures in the skies above Los Santos come nightfall — at least until November 3 — players still can't get a closer look. Should a player approach the flying saucers in an aerial vehicle, the UFOs will launch an EMP attack at them, cutting off power to their vehicle and sending them plummeting to earth (per TheGamer). One Reddit user posted an expanded guide on the UFOs, giving a comprehensive list of the times they spawn in, the buildings they hover over, and when the adverse weather effects kick in.

For now, other than the EMP blast they unleash if players gets too close, the UFOs are completely decorative and will not go out of their way to attack gamers. Despite this, the UFOs' presence made the area above Los Santos almost completely inaccessible via air travel. According to the aforementioned Reddit guide, a nano drone can only survive for a few seconds if under a UFO, while the Mk II "stays functionable as long as you are staying on the helipad/roof of Maze Bank Tower (you need to be there before the UFOs spawn)."

While the Halloween event will last into the first part of November, the aliens only visited for a day. "GTA Online" players seemed to have enjoyed the event, though some users seemed to have wished it lasted beyond just Halloween. Even still, props to Rockstar for entertaining gamers and driving them nuts for a little bit while they grinded for cash.