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GTA Online's Weird Planet Has Fans Searching For Clues

Being the online component for "Grand Theft Auto 5", "GTA Online" is quite a crazy place. It's full of activities — both fun and mundane — that players can dive into, and continues to receive regular updates, including one in 2021 that is its biggest to date. This constant influx of new content has kept players invested for the mode's 8-year lifespan, and shows no signs of slowing down with a Next-Gen update for "Grand Theft Auto 5" right around the corner in 2022.

Some updates to "GTA Online" add elements that are a bit off-kilter, if not outright odd. While perusing through Los Santos and its surrounding areas, players have been treated to a litany of oddities, ranging from UFO's to killer clowns. But recently, players have reported seeing another anomaly in the sky — one that possibly resembles another planet. And it's driven them crazy trying to find clues as to what it is, and what it's significance (if any) might be.

GTA Online players have reported a planet in the sky

On "GTA Online's" subreddit, Reddit user u/No-Bee-3068 posted a video of them using a sniper rifle to zoom in on an abnormality in the game's sky. While it was definitely hard to see if not looking hard enough, a silhouette of something is visible out in the sky. No-Bee seemed to think the shape was a planet, and the post generated tons of responses with answers both inquisitive and humorous. 

"Shoot it and it will increase," said u/Jaine- in reference to past "GTA" titles where shooting the moon would make it increase in size. Another commenter, u/SuperNebula097, said that the shape was Rockstar Games trying to make "GTA Online" more realistic by showing "a hole in the ozone layer." Some also made the inevitable Death Star jokes ("That's no moon. That's a space station").

More serious responses claimed that the purported blue planet in the distance could be a graphical glitch, or even lens flare. Bill Cooney of Dextero suggested (albeit tongue in cheek) that it could be a clue that "GTA Online" will soon be introducing a heist that takes place in outer space. It's quite easy to dismiss the mysterious floating orb above Los Santos as nothing more than a whole lot of nothing, but at least the fandom is having fun, especially given the sad truth that we're all likely stuck with the game for another console generation.