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RIP Valkyrae's RFLCT

RFLCT, the skincare line that supposedly prevents blue light damage from computer screens and other devices, has officially gone offline. It seems that its creators and investors have chosen to terminate it after the brand went viral last week due to the  questionable research behind its products. As of Oct. 30, RFLCT no longer has any new information or products listed on its website. All that's left is an announcement informing readers that the product is "no longer available."

"Thank you to all who played important roles to conduct research, develop products, create a brand and serve as partners along our journey," the announcement reads. "While we believe in the formulations created, after further reflection, [we] have decided to move forward on new paths, effectively terminating the RFLCT brand."

Onlookers don't seem to believe that the brand is truly gone — but for now, it is. "I'm going to guess it gets rebranded into something else," tweeted content creator and "Today On Stream" host Zach Bussey. "But this was going to be the inevitable conclusion. There was way too much backlash against it to redeem it. Just a terrible idea with clueless partners about the gaming market. 

ULTA, one of RFLCT's retail partners, has also apparently removed all RFLCT products from its online store. Meanwhile, Valkyrae, who acted as the face of the brand during its launch, has also seemingly scrubbed the product in her own way.

Valkyrae's involvement with RFLCT explained

Valkyrae received major backlash for backing RFLCT after the brand launched last week. She appeared as the main spokesperson in the brand's announcement ad and all over the website as a promotional model, attracting a great deal of negative attention.

Valkyrae acknowledged that the hate for RFLCT was warranted and explained that what she thinks really went wrong with RFLCT was that its representatives chose to launch the brand without publicly available studies backing its products. She apparently thought the brand would publish the science behind its claims when it launched, but this wasn't the case.

Rae has since spoken out against the brand multiple times since launch, admitting that she didn't even want to be a part of it anymore. Since then, she's kept a relatively low profile, and Dexerto has reported that all of her streams and tweets related to the brand have been deleted, possibly to avoid legal complications. She hasn't publicly spoken about the brand since last week. ULTA hasn't made a statement about pulling RFLCT's products from its catalog, either.