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This Is Nintendo's Most Disliked Announcement Ever

Despite early excitement from fans, the N64 Expansion Pack for the Nintendo Switch got off to a rough start, running into issues like lackluster emulation and an unpopular price point. The new subscription tier bringing classic Nintendo 64 games to the Switch went from being something that generated excitement to being a source of frustration for fans. Now, the backlash against the Expansion Pack has been reflected in the original overview video for the program. Over on Nintendo's YouTube channel, that particular clip has reached a whole new low — over 150,000 dislikes, to be precise.

According to VGC, this is a record low for any Nintendo video on YouTube. To put things in perspective, the N64 Expansion Pack video reached this number of dislikes after being up for just over two weeks. Before this, the most disliked Nintendo video was the E3 "Metroid Prime: Federation Force" — which has received 97,000 dislikes over the course of six years.

As of Nov. 3, the N64 video only has 18,000 likes, essentially meaning less than 10% of the respondents are pleased with the Expansion Pack. The number of dislikes could still rise higher as more and more fans show their frustration towards the new subscription tier. In the meantime, fans have sounded off on why they're not happy with Nintendo.

Fans have been vocal regarding the Switch's N64 update

One of the more comedic comments on the N64 video was from user Kyoshi, who had a quip about the iconic "snap" sound effect from Switch commercials: "The Switch snap may as well be the sound of people's patience finally breaking." Meanwhile, YouTube channel About That Tho took issue with the Expansion Pack's $49.99 price point, saying that it was way too high and that they'd expected it to cost an extra $10 "maybe." Other users agreed that the price was "ludicrous."

One user noted that they were still hopeful for future games being added to the service (over a dozen of which were leaked last month). However, the fact that the current games don't function as well as players had hoped had turned this user off from the entire expansion.

It's unclear what Nintendo plans to do in order to appease fans. But hopefully there's a way for the company to continue to offer these games in a format that gamers will embrace with open arms. In the meantime, the dislikes keep rolling in.