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Valkyrae Reveals The Damage Done By RFLCT Scandal

Valkyrae revealed to fans that she's having a hard time in the wake of her product line's controversy. In the days after her skincare company went viral, Valkyrae agreed that she thought the hate was warranted, noting that medical claims should have been more thoroughly explained on RFLCT's site. Valkyrae also felt that RFLCT went wrong by not including more thorough research on its website, however, that part of the project was beyond her control and, despite her advocacy to include more research for potential buyers to peruse, RFLCT did not alter its site. Now, fans are saying RIP to RFLCT as its website shut down and the product was pulled from over 400 stores. Valkyrae attempted to explain the damage done to her and her brand by the scandal, showing her vulnerable side to fans.

After a brief hiatus, Valkyrae has returned to YouTube Gaming to speak with her fans and open up about her experience with RFLCT. Valkyrae began the stream with a cute wave, saying right off the bat, "I have so much anxiety right now." It turns out that the RFLCT controversy has worn on Valkyrae in more ways than one, which she explained in a vulnerable and transparent stream.

Valkyrae talks trauma

Valkyrae seemed to have a bit of a difficult time getting the words out as she proclaimed, "I'm going to therapy! I have a therapist. And I have a lot of trauma!" Even though Valkyrae was laughing and smiling, fans could tell that sharing the information was hard for her. Viewers spammed the chat with hearts and messages of congratulations for Valkyrae's choice to take care of herself.

Valkyrae updated fans on RFLCT, saying it existed "no longer" and that she "officially separated" from the brand. She also noted that there won't be a lawsuit between her and the brand, calling it a "clean break."

"I do think that I have mental damage from all of this, for sure," Valkyrae said, anxiously laughing. "But, we're okay." The mental strain from being involved in the RFLCT scandal took a toll on Valkyrae, making it difficult for her to reach her contractual streaming hours on YouTube. She explained that she needed time for a break as she dealt with the situation, and said she messaged the platform because she was behind on her hours. In an effort to not fall further behind, Valkyrae streamed for a bit a few days after the RFLCT controversy broke. Now, she's healthily making a plan on how to proceed with her streaming life, and attempting to manage her anxiety symptoms through therapy.

Valkyrae is trying to get back to her old self

Valkyrae told viewers that she's struggled with anxiety symptoms, including brain fog. "Therapy told me that brain fog is a very common thing with trauma and stress," she said. She had a hard time getting the words out, stopping and starting over several times and asking her audience to stick with her.

"I just want to say that I'm well aware that I'm not perfect." Valkyrae shared. "I have made a lot of mistakes, a lot of mistakes. I am incredibly naive. There's three things: I am naive. I am impulsive, and sometimes too trusting. ... This is a big learning lesson." Valkyrae thanked her fans who stuck with her throughout the drama and concluded that even if she had good intentions, it didn't matter in the end because she couldn't articulate her goals.

Valkyrae admitted that she shouldn't have streamed after the incident, and that she wasn't in a proper headspace to speak on RFLCT or her feelings about the partnership. As she streamed, it seemed that Valkyrae was still understandably having a difficult time with the RFLCT incident. As she attempted to talk about other events — like a package she received from "Stranger Things" actor Noah Schnapp or how she missed Halloween — Rae kept returning to RFLCT and her trauma. "I'm pretty sure I have actual brain issues from this whole situation," she said, after struggling to discuss a "Squid Games"-inspired "GTA Online" event. "But I think it will get better in time."

Hopefully, Valkyrae's therapy journey continues to help her recover from her experiences with RFLCT and her fans can continue their trend of embracing the streamer when she needs it most.